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Why Stainless Steel Multistage High Pressure Pumps Cannot Pump Sewage?

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Can stainless steel multi-stage high-pressure pump pump sewage?

Stainless steel multistage pumps are specially used to transport liquids that do not contain particles and impurities. The main working features are long-distance water transport, high-efficiency water transport, pressurized water transport, cold and warm water circulation, etc. In terms of internal structure, except for the impeller, it is similar to the general pump. The same as the centrifugal pump, the internal impeller of the stainless steel multistage pump is designed as a series structure, the internal impeller is usually composed of 2-13 sets of impellers connected in series.

Compared with the centrifugal pump or pipeline pump with only a single impeller, the lift is significantly enhanced. The maxium head of the stage pump is 125 meters. Because there is only one set of internal impellers, it is difficult to exceed this head standard. Therefore, if the user's water transportation environment has higher requirements for the head, you can choose a combination of multiple impellers in series. stage pump.

Stainless steel multistage pumps are high-quality transportation equipment used in 

  • Light chemical industry

  • Urban water system 

  • Industrial water treatment 

When choosing a pump type,  you can communicate with the manufacturer in advance to customize it. 

It is a highly flexible water pump.

Forcible suction of sewage will lead to blockage of the internal flow channel. If there are too many hard particles, it may also accelerate the wear of various components, which will not only hinder the progress of the water transportation project,  but also seriously affect the service life of the multi-stage pump. If there is suction For sewage needs, it is recommended to use a sewage pump with a matching model.

The reasons for stainless steel multistage pumps cannot pump sewage are as follows :

  • Stainless steel multi-stage pumps are suitable for conveying liquids that do not contain particles, impurities, are thin, clean, non-flammable, and do not contain solid particles or fibers.

  • Unless it is a pump specially designed for pumping sewage, ordinary water pumps cannot pump sewage.

  • Untreated sewage, due to too many impurities, is likely to cause frequent blockages in the pump body.

  • The design of the impeller channel of the stainless steel multistage pump is not designed for pumping sewage. If it is used to pump sewage, the particles and fiber impurities contained in the sewage will easily block the impeller channel.

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