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Why Is There No Water On The Water Supply Pressure Tank?

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Why is there no water on the pressure tank?

Check whether the pressure tank pump is burnt out, and if there is no problem with the power supply, connect the power supply directly to see if the water pump rotates.

  • There is air in the intake pipe and the pump body

  • The pump speed is too low

First there is air in the intake pipe and the pump body.

1. Some users do not fill up the water before starting the pump. Sometimes, it seems that the irrigation water has overflowed from the exhaust port, but the air is completely exhausted without turning the pump shaft, resulting in a small amount of air remaining in the intake pipe or pump body.

2. The reverse flow direction of the horizontal section of the inlet pipe that the pump is in contact with is greater than 0.5%, and the inlet end connected to the pump is the highest, not completely horizontal. If it rises, the water inlet pipe will hold air, which will reduce the vacuum degree of the water pipe and water pump, and affect the absorption of water.

3. The filling of the water pump of the water supply equipment is worn due to long-term use or the packing is too loose, and a large amount of water is sprayed from the gap between the packing and the pump shaft bushing. Water lift.

4. Due to the long-term underwater potential, the wall of the water inlet pipe corrodes and forms holes, and the water level of the water supply equipment continues to drop after the pump is running. Air enters the civil intake pipe from these holes when they are exposed to the water.

5. There are cracks at the bend of the intake pipe, and there is a small gap at the junction of the water inlet pipe and the water pump, all of which may allow air to enter.

Second, the pump speed is too low

1. Human failure, if some users are damaged by the original motor, it will be equipped with another motor, the result is small flow, low lift, and even no water.

2. Improper installation, if the middle distance of the two pulleys is too small or the two shafts are not too parallel, the transmission belt is too tight to the device, resulting in a small packing angle, the diameter of the two pulleys is calculated incorrectly, and the two of the water supply equipment of the coupling drive The misalignment distance between the shafts is large, causing the speed of the pump to vary.

3. The mechanical problem of the pump itself, the fastening nut of the impeller and the pump shaft is loose or the pump shaft is deformed and bent, the impeller moves more, directly rubs against the pump body, or the bearing is damaged, and the pump speed may decrease.

4. The power machine is not well repaired, the motor is burned by winding and demagnetization, the number of winding turns, the diameter of the wire, the wiring method in the repair, or the incomplete cleaning of the defects in the repair will also change the speed of the pump of the water supply equipment.


There must be a certain amount of air in the automatic water supply pressure tank. If there is too little air in it, the pressure switch cannot be disconnected when the water pump is working. At the same time, there will be no pressure in the water in the pressure tank, no pressure in the output pipeline, and no water when the faucet is turned on. Only when the pump is working. It is equivalent to the water pump adding pressure to the water supply pipe, not the pressure tank adding pressure to the pipe, and the water output only when the water pipe is opened. It is recommended that you open the air release valve above. If not, turn on the pressure gauge or pressure switch above to let out part of the water. If the water nozzle cannot release water, put in the sewage from the bottom valve, put in part, and then turn on the power to test the water. I believe it will be fine.

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