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Why Does The Submersible Pump Trip?

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Why does the submersible pump trip?

The general cause of tripping is as follows

  • Overload of the submersible pump

  • Submersible pump Leakage 

  • The wrong selection of the air switch

  1. Submersible pump overload

Why can the submersible pump be overloaded sometimes? 

Because some submersible pumps are overloaded, it is not electrical overload, but the internal mechanical structure is stuck. For example, the common bearing is rusted and lacks oil, and the shaft sleeve is deformed. When it starts, it will interfere more and cannot be started.

After the power is turned on and off several times, it can be started with a little lubrication. If this is the problem, it is recommended to disassemble the submersible pump and oil the bearing. If the rust is serious, replace the bearing and repair the shaft sleeve and shaft. In this way, the submersible pump will one day become unusable.

The above are mechanical reasons, and the other is electrical overload, that is, the starting current of the pump is too large during the startup process, there may be a problem with the internal coil, and it is recommended to go to a professional motor maintenance company for maintenance.

2. Submersible pump leakage

Some people say that the leakage of submersible pumps should not leak every time?

In fact, this is also probabilistic. For example, in the home line, we sometimes find that the leakage protector at home has tripped, and it can be used after being pushed up, and sometimes there will be no trip for several days in a row, but We cannot rule out the possibility of leakage.

So if there is no overload and short circuit, then we have to replace the entire wire and try it. If it can solve the problem, it is the reason for the leakage of the wire.

3. Incorrect selection of air switch

Regarding the selection of the air switch, the first is to select the rated current value. The general submersible pump is about 4000 watts, so we can choose 25 amps when choosing the current value. If we do not choose 25 amps, we choose 16 amps. An 20A, at this time there will be a tripping situation.

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