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What is the water output and pump depth of the deep well pump and head of 15kw pump

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What is the water output and pump depth of the deep well pump, and the head of 15kw pump

  • Product Overview

  • Product Advantages

  • Conditions Of Use

  • Product Selection

Product Overview

Overview150QJ 200QJ 300QJ series submersible pumps, the whole machine is submerged in the water to work, no land occupation, no noise, high efficiency and energy saving, and automatic control can be used. 

It is widely used in deep well water extraction, mine drainage, geological exploration, water supply for urban and rural industrial and mining enterprises, construction precipitation, farmland irrigation, water intake from rivers and reservoirs, etc.

Product Advantages

1. The outer diameter of the pump is small, the weight is light, the flow rate is large, and the head is high

2. The pump body has a built-in injection type buffer valve with high reliability, which can effectively prevent water hammer impact during shutdown

3. The whole machine dives into the water to work, no need to build a pump room, saving cost, saving land, safe and noiseless

4. The water-immersed motor does not pollute the water source

5. Can use automatic control

Conditions Of Use

1. Voltage 380v±5%, 660V voltage can be customized

2. The allowable medium temperature is 1-25°C, and the allowable medium temperature of QJ series hot water pumps can reach 180°C .

3. The solid impurity content (mass ratio) is not more than 0.01%

4. pH (PH value) 6.5-8.5

5. The content of hydrogen sulfide is not more than 1.5mg/L

6. The content of chloride ion is not more than 400mg/L

7. The whole machine dives into the water to work

8. The motor cavity needs to be filled with clean water when in use

Product Selection

The selection of the submersible pump is very important. If the selection is improper, the service life of the pump will be reduced and the power loss will be caused. Please read carefully. Or contact the staff to provide free selection.

To sum up, the head of 200QJ deep well submersible pump and hot water pump is 33-40 meters.

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