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What is the principle of household tap water booster pump? Which brand of household tap water booster pump is better?

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What is the principle of household tap water booster pump?

The working principle of the household tap water pressure pump is similar to that of a pressure booster. It applies a very low pressure to a large-diameter air-driven piston. When this pressure acts on a small-area piston, a high pressure is generated. The booster pump can be operated continuously via a 5/2-way air-controlled directional valve. The high-pressure plunger controlled by the one-way valve continuously discharges the liquid. The outlet pressure of the booster pump is related to the air driving pressure. When the pressure between the driving part and the output liquid part reaches equilibrium, the booster pump will stop running and no longer consume air. When the output pressure drops or the air drive pressure increases, the booster pump will automatically start running until the pressure balance is reached again and automatically stop.

The household tap water pressurization pump uses a single air-controlled non-balanced gas distribution valve to realize the automatic reciprocating motion of the pump. The gas drive part of the pump body is made of aluminum alloy. The wetted part is made of carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the medium. Generally, pumps have two ports: air intake and exhaust. The air inlet that can produce a pressure lower than normal pressure (i.e. atmospheric pressure) is called "negative pressure"; the air inlet that can produce a pressure higher than normal pressure is called "positive pressure". Pressure"; for example, a vacuum pump is often referred to as a negative pressure pump, and a booster pump is a positive pressure pump. There is a big difference between a positive pressure pump and a negative pressure pump. For example, the gas flow direction, the negative pressure pump means that the external air is sucked into the exhaust nozzle; the positive pressure is sprayed out from the exhaust nozzle; such as the level of air pressure, etc.

Which brand of household tap water booster pump is better?

1. Grundfos household booster pump

Grundfos is one of the leaders in the global pump industry, with an annual production volume of nearly tens of millions of units. Among them, the PA90 booster pump is excellent. This booster pump has many highlights. Closed rotor water pump, fully automatic pressurized water delivery, silent and no leakage. Made of high-quality cast iron, it will not rust easily after more than 10 years of use and is safe and hygienic for water use. Both hot and cold water can be pressurized, and intelligent sensing eliminates the need for manual operation, making it more convenient to use. The water pump is small and light, and does not take up space when installed.

2. Wilo household booster pump

Wilo's booster pump has a special feature. The reasonable design of its motor device and body achieves the largest flow rate and low noise in the same class. It is the best choice for household use. Moreover, Wilo's booster pump is an enterprise that has passed ISO9000 certification. Among them, PW-175 adopts advanced noise reduction technology - centrifugal rotation, which makes very little noise. Moreover, it is fully automatic with many functions such as voltage regulation and speed regulation, voltage and speed stabilization. Water conservancy components are all treated with anti-corrosion treatment, resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and long life.

3. Zhejiang Dolay Pump Industry fully automatic booster pump

Fully automatic booster pump that can automatically start and stop, intelligent digital display panel, safe and efficient, 0-90 degree temperature resistant booster, suitable for both cold and hot water. The machine makes very little noise when it starts.

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