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What is a submersible sewage pump? Dirty water pump technical principle

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                               What is a submersible sewage pump? Dirty water pump technical principle

The submersible sewage pump is a pump that can work directly in the liquid . 

It has a wide range of applications :

  • Sewage treatment 

  • Urban water supply 

  • Industrial water treatment 

  • Brand            KATREENI  

  • Drive mode   Electric

  • Pump shaft position    Side vertical 

  • Lift      10-300m

1. Technical principle of submersible sewage pump

The submersible sewage pump is a kind of centrifugal pump. 

Its working principle is that the centrifugal force pushes the liquid into the pump body and forms a vortex, 

then pushes the liquid to the outlet through the rotation of the pump blades. 

Submersible sewage pumps are usually driven directly by electric motors, so both horizontal and vertical arrangements are possible. In the case of vertical arrangement, the motor is placed on the top of the pump body, far away from the liquid. 

Sealed cables connect the motor and control box for safety.

Structural characteristics of submersible sewage pump

  • The submersible sewage pump is made of stainless steel to ensure its corrosion resistance and long life.

  • The pump body adopts casting technology, with compact and stable structure and high overall performance.

  • The pump body keeps the temperature stable through the high-efficiency heat insulation layer and improves the working efficiency.

  • The self-cleaning design of the impeller can effectively prevent clogging when the liquid containing a lot of impurities is discharged.

  • The use of a high-power motor can ensure a stronger drainage capacity of the submersible sewage pump.

  • The sealing part of the cable adopts waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion design to ensure its safety.

2. Application scenarios of submersible sewage pumps

Sewage treatment

The submersible sewage pump is an important tool for treating urban domestic sewage and factory wastewater. 

It can extract sewage and impurities from sewage collection tanks, regulating tanks and sedimentation tanks to achieve the effect of sewage treatment.

City water supply

The submersible sewage pump can be used as a link in the urban water supply system, mainly used to deliver clean water and sewage to high-rise buildings and other places that need water supply.

Industrial water treatment

Submersible sewage pumps can be used in chemical, pharmaceutical, paper and other industrial sites, 

It can effectively treat water quality and prevent waste water from polluting the environment.

To sum up, submersible sewage pumps are widely used in sewage treatment, urban water supply and industrial water treatment.

Its technical principle is simple and clear, compact in structure and easy to use.

In the future, the submersible sewage pump will continue to expand its application scenarios and play its role in environmental protection and resource utilization.

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