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What Is Solar Water Pump Photovoltaic System, Principle Of A Photovoltaic Water Pump System.

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What is a solar water pump photovoltaic system, the principle of a photovoltaic water pump system?

Photovoltaic water pump system is also called photovoltaic water pumping system. The principle is to use semiconductors to absorb solar radiation energy, convert it into electrical energy, provide power for the system, and then drive the pump to lift water through the motor. 

It can be said that the photovoltaic water pump system is a relatively typical integrated system of light energy, machinery and electricity, which integrates the latest technologies of multiple disciplines such as power electronics, motors, water machines, computer control, and solar energy collection and conversion. Key development directions of the energy industry.

Components of photovoltaic water pump

  • PV Array

  • Controller

  • Motor 

  • Water Pump 

  • Water storage facilities

1. Photovoltaic array

A photovoltaic array is composed of multiple solar cell modules connected in series and parallel to form an array, and the capacity of the array can reach hundreds of peak watts or even several megawatts (MW). Photovoltaic arrays are composed of solar cells such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and ribbon silicon. Since solar cells are composed of a large number of semiconductor devices, the temperature characteristics and volt-ampere characteristics of the photovoltaic array will appear nonlinear.

2. Controller

In the case of nonlinear power supply characteristics of the photovoltaic array, the role of the controller is to allow the photovoltaic array to achieve the maximum power output regardless of the temperature and sunshine. This technology is also called maximum power point tracking control (Maximum Power Point Tracking ).

3. Motor

The choice of the motor depends on the actual needs and the system. For the photovoltaic water pump system with 1KW power, due to the small power, it is mostly driven by a brushless DC motor: considering the difference in sunlight in the morning and evening, the

4. Water pump

The choice of water pump should fully consider the relationship between power and head flow. In a system with low power, volumetric pumps should be selected for small flow and high head; submersible pumps with large flow and high head are more suitable; self-priming pumps can be used for large flow and low head.

5. Water storage facilities

The water storage facility is to store the groundwater extracted by the water pump as a backup. It can be used in times of drought and stored for emergencies when water is plentiful.

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