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What Is Solar Water Pump , How Does It Work?

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What Is Solar Water Pump

Solar Pumping System also is also known as the photovoltaic water pump.

That is, the electric power emitted by the photovoltaic array(solar panels) is used to

drive the photovoltaic  water system for the water pump.

The entire system is mainly composed of photovoltaic arrays, solar water inverters, and water pumps.

It is a rapidly developed optical electro-mechanical system in recent years,

which is the most attractive water supply method in worldwde in the sun area, 

especially the remote area of absence of power.

How Does Solar Pump Work Well

The solar water pump is used through a special inverter.

When there is sunlight, the DC power of the solar photovoltaic battery board

is used through this special inverter to convert to the delivery water pump.

This water pump is mostly the potential Of course,

There is also a direct current pump without the need for inverters.

However, the DC pump cannot be done too much, AC pump is more efficient.

but it is easier to do with the DC water pump.

Advantages For Solar Water Pump 

●Long life, photovoltaic power supply rarely used moving parts, reliable work; 

●Safe,without noise, low power consumption, no other public hazards. Do not produce any solid, 

liquid and gas harmful substances, absolutely environmental protection; 

●With good long-term economics, especially compared with common electric pumping, have an 

overwhelming economy. 

●Solar energy is sustainable, because the sun is constantly supplement, and it will shine in the earth every day. 

We can use solar energy without worrying about whether we will exhaust the natural resources.

●Save electricity.

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