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Well Accessories for Deep Well Submersible Pumps

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                                                                          Well accessories for deep well submersible pumps

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Well water intake projects are very common in the submersible pump industry. Deep well submersible pumps are widely used, and well project projects are also very common. Today we will take a look at the long-term use of deep well submersible pumps in the application process. Accessories.

Raise water pipes.

The water pipe is mainly used to transport water raised to the surface by deep well submersible pump operations. It mainly connects the water outlet and outlet end of the pump through flanges and is the main accessory for transporting well water. A water pump is necessary for a newly built water well. When the user does not build a delivery pipeline, DONGLEI will provide a water pump as well as a water pump.

Pump base.

The pump seat of the deep well pump is a component that supports the pump body and fixes the structure of the deep well submersible pump. It is located at the wellhead end. During the operation of the deep well submersible pump, it fixes the position of the submersible pump so that it does not vibrate and cause deviation in the position of the pump body. It is also an important component in the installation of deep well submersible pumps. Without a pump base, the pump body cannot be properly installed to make it work properly.

Well Strainer.

It is very suitable for wells with a lot of impurities in the water. The deep well submersible pump itself may be damaged or stuck due to some special impurities in the water, and the water inlet and outlet are blocked. In such cases, the filter screen will filter out the impurities and it is not suitable to enter. Impurities in the pump body make the pump work safer.

Level controller. To control the liquid level in water wells, the traditional controller uses a float device. When the float reaches the upper limit position and the lower limit position due to changes in water level, the controller will start and stop the water pump to return the water level to normal. The current electronic liquid level controller has the same principle to prevent the water pump from idling without water and causing the motor to burn out.


The working principle of the vane water pump is to rely on the rotating impeller to exert force on the liquid to transfer the mechanical energy of the prime mover to the liquid.

A submersible pump with many impellers not only has more output power, but also has a higher lift. The number of blades represents the number of series connections. For example, one impeller can produce a flow rate of 10 tons per hour and a lift of 10 meters. Then 10 impellers have a lift of 10*10=100 meters. Therefore, the more impellers a deep well pump has, the more expensive it is.

In addition, common accessories such as cables, check valves, pressure gauges, water pump impellers, rotors, copper coils, stainless steel connections, etc. are also used in the well field. Donglei Pump Industry is completing the installation process of deep well submersible pumps. It can also realize automatic control and use frequency conversion technology to achieve the rationality of well water intake and save energy consumption. Deep well submersible pumps are widely used in well fields, and deep well pump well accessories are also an important part of project implementation.

Zhejiang Dolay Pump Industry Co., Ltd. supplies high-quality self-produced deep well pump accessories.

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