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Today's Latest Copper Price Trends Copper Prices Continue To Grow

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                                                                Today's latest copper price trends Copper prices continue to grow

Price:  On April 22, 2024 in terms of refined copper rods, the processing fee for 8mmT1 wire and cable poles in the Pearl River Delta in South China was 250-300 yuan/ton, and the processing fee in southwest China was 650-730 yuan/ton; in terms of recycled copper rods, 8mmT3 hypoxic The transaction price of copper rods in Jiangxi is concentrated at 77,500-77,700 yuan/ton, the transaction price in Guangdong is 77,650-77,800 yuan/ton, the transaction price in southwest is 78,200 yuan/ton, and the quotation in Hunan is 77,800 yuan/ton. The price has increased by 1,200 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. Ton.

Transaction: Refined copper rod ends, in South China, the copper price has officially reached the 80,000 mark. The progress of market transactions has been more obviously inhibited by high copper prices. Most downstream companies have basically no extra buying actions and plans except long-term orders, even for refined copper rods. Processing fees have been further reduced with regional premiums and discounts, and some copper rod companies have lowered processing fees again on this basis. However, due to the flow of some low-priced long-term orders into the market, the progress of zero-order transactions of copper rod companies has basically been unable to advance, and delivery of long-term orders has been the main focus. Shipping method. In the southwest region, market trading remains light amid high copper prices. In addition, the current order performance of regional demand-side companies is not ideal. Most copper rod companies and traders basically maintain long-term order shipments, and the price point progress of long-term orders is slow. ;  Even if some companies choose to lower their zero-order quotations, they still fail to significantly improve the current situation of sparse zero-order transaction volume, and the overall delivery progress is slow.

For recycled copper rod ends, today's market quotations in Jiangxi are concentrated at 77,500-77,700 yuan/ton, which is 2,930-2,730 yuan/ton lower than the 07 market price. The price difference has not changed much; today's market transactions are poor, and market price competition is very fierce. At noon The initial quotations are mostly 77,700-77,800 yuan/ton, but in order to promote transactions, some copper rod companies have chosen to continue to lower the fixed price, and some cash quotations have been significantly reduced. Transactions are basically concentrated in this part of the supply. However, due to the high copper prices, terminals just need to purchase , traders’ buying actions slowed down, and the trading volume of most companies was around 100 tons. In Guangdong, the midday market quotations were mostly 77,650-77,800 yuan, a discount of 2,780-2,630 yuan/ton compared with the 07 market price, and the changes in the regional spread were limited; today's transactions were mainly concentrated in low-priced supply, especially the cash prices quoted by some companies. As the main trading group, this part of the order is mainly due to the intention of copper rod companies to withdraw funds, so the quotation is low.  However, the transaction price of affordable supply is mostly around 77,800 yuan/ton. The overall purchasing action of traders is not much, and the continued rise of copper prices has not significantly expanded. There is a difference between fine and scrap rods,  so the trading volume of most copper rod companies at noon is within 200 tons. In the southwest region, today's regional market quotation is 78,200 yuan/ton, which is up month-on-month. Most companies are not very willing to ship and choose to wait and see for a correction. Market transactions are average and transactions are relatively few; only a small number of companies are willing to ship, so they quote prices. It is more reasonable and the transaction is relatively good.

Market Sentiment:Copper prices rose sharply again, suppressing market consumption sentiment. Most terminals remained on the sidelines, and traders slowed down the delivery progress.

Forecast: There is still no significant boost in regional consumption, and terminal orders are not ideal. It is expected that in the context of continued strength in copper prices, market terminal consumption will rebound slowly.

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