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Stainless steel high-lift submersible pump agricultural irrigation pump L128 multistage submersible pump

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16:31:15                                                           L128 Series Multistage Submersible Pump

Stainless steel high-lift submersible pump, agricultural irrigation pump

Special Advantages

  • Strong power submersible pump,

  • Made of stainless steel materials

  • Heat and corrosion resistance, 

  • Water-cooled motor, 

  • Multi-stage deep well pump, 

  • Household well water high lift clear water pump.

  • All-copper motor, strong power, 

  • high lift and large flow rate. 

Bottom water inlet, top effluent design, small volume, easy to install, can run at low water level.

Well 6 meters flat 40 meters plus 15 meters, up to the water tower, the water pressure is also enough.

It is faster and larger water.

New and upgraded stainless steel deep well pump.

Be versatile and can meet your different needs


Garden irrigation, animal husbandry, household water, farmland irrigation, water tower water supply, water emptying.

Wide voltage design, with low voltage startup,

380V three-phase 320V low voltage start, 350V-400V can operate normally

220V single-phase 160V low voltage start, 180V-230V can operate normally

Use and precautions

● Do not get stuck in the mud.

● The medium temperature does not exceed 40℃, and the PH value is between 6 and 8.5. The voltage is single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V. Please confirm the clear voltage before purchase, and the diving depth should not exceed 5 meters.

● Conduct test operation before launching, and dehydration and dry operation is strictly prohibited. Water pump can be used after washing a new well.

● When the electric pump works, do not approach the working face and be it reliably to prevent electric shock.

● If the electric pump is not used for a long time, it is not suitable to soak it in water, it should be placed in clean water for several minutes, to clean the mud inside and outside the pump and other condensate, and after drying coated with anti-rust oil and other measures for anti-rust treatment, and placed in a dry ventilated place

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