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Stainless Steel Deep Well Submersible Pump R95 Series

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                                                   Stainless Steel Deep Well Submersible Pump R95 Series

Model number : Various specifications and models

Size : 4"

Power rate : 0.75~7.5 kw

Rotation speed : 3000 rpm

Flow volume : 1.5~20 m³/h

Lift Head : 15~400 m

Medium temperature: normal temperature


1. Made of 304 stainless steel pipe, beautiful and corrosion-resistant

2. Use POM impeller and PPO diversion shell, which are resistant to high temperature and corrosion, high mechanical strength and long service life.

3. Multi-stage floating impeller design will not get stuck due to trace amounts of fine sand.

R95 type stainless steel deep well special submersible pump

Performance Characteristics :

   The R95 stainless steel deep well special submersible pump is a water-lifting machine with a motor and a water pump directly connected to work in the water. It is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells and can also be used in water-lifting projects such as rivers, reservoirs, and canals. It is mainly used for farmland irrigation and plateau mountainous areas. It can also be used for water supply and drainage in cities, factories, railways, mines and construction sites. It uses stainless steel shell, shaft core, coupling, etc., high-strength and wear-resistant PC composite polymer material impeller and diversion shell, and adopts a new "floating" impeller structure, which is wear-resistant, rust-proof, pollution-free, and has a long service life. It is long, energy-saving and efficient, small in size, light in weight, and easy to maintain, transport, install and use. When used in conjunction with an automatic energy-saving and efficient control box, it has over-protection functions against over-temperature, short circuit, overload and under-voltage, making it safe and reliable to use.

Main Features :

1. The motor and water pump body are submerged in water and run safely and reliably.

2. There are no special requirements for well pipes and water pipes (that is, steel tube wells, gray tube wells, earth wells, etc. can be used; if the pressure permits, steel pipes, rubber pipes, plastic pipes, etc. can be used as water pipes).

3. It is convenient and simple to install, use and maintain. It occupies a small area and does not need to build a pump room.

4. Simple structure, saving raw materials. Whether the conditions for use of the submersible electric pump are suitable and proper management are directly related to the service life.

Working Conditions:

1. Solid matter (weight ratio) does not exceed 0.01%;

2. The content of hydrogen sulfide shall not exceed 1.5mg/L;

3. The chloride ion content should not exceed 400mg/L;

4. PH value : 6.5~8.5.

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