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Solar water pump irrigation solution

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                                                                                           Solar water pump irrigation solution

The solar photovoltaic water pump system is a highly efficient solar water supply system. It is mainly composed of solar panels, control (inverter) and high-performance water pumps. The system adopts advanced modes such as energy tracking control, automatic water shortage protection, water storage full water protection, antifreeze protection, and intelligent fault protection. Achieve automatic balance between flow and energy under different lifts. This system solves the shortcomings of low efficiency and energy utilization of traditional water extraction systems, greatly reduces the power of solar cells under the same water extraction demand, and greatly reduces the system cost.

The solar photovoltaic water pump system can extract groundwater as deep as more than 200 meters. In the management of barren mountains, water can be easily lifted to a mountain of hundreds of meters. It can effectively solve the water supply problems in many fields such as barren mountain management, ecological environment improvement, crop irrigation, and drinking for humans and livestock. Compared with traditional water supply methods, it is simpler to implement, without paying high costs to set up power supply networks or configure power generation equipment and high operating costs in the later stage, and there is no need to worry about the environmental pollution caused by it.

  • Solar fountain pump    

  • Solar DC pump 

  • Solar AC pump

Application areas of solar water pumps:

Our company uses advanced technologies of advanced DC and AC photovoltaic water pumps to effectively provide safe and efficient water supply solutions for families in remote areas due to power shortages and insufficient water supply.

The scope of application includes barren hill management, grassland irrigation, drinking water for humans and livestock, crop irrigation, water supply for ecological protection area management, springs, fish farming, shrimp ponds, domestic water for ships, oxygenation and other aspects.

Domestic water:

The photovoltaic water supply system can effectively provide safe and efficient water supply solutions for families in remote areas due to power shortages and insufficient water supply. It can effectively meet various household water needs.

Barren hill management:

The photovoltaic water pump water intake system uses solar energy resources and groundwater resources according to local conditions, and is equipped with drip irrigation and intelligent control systems. It is the most effective way to solve vegetation irrigation in the process of barren hill management.

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