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Solar powered deep well submersible pump

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                                                              Solar powered deep well submersible pump

Brief Description: 

Solar deep well pump, solar submersible pump is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells in sunny and remote areas without power supply. It can also be used for water lifting projects such as rivers, reservoirs, and canals. Solar deep well submersible pumps are used for farmland irrigation and plateaus. Water for humans and animals in mountainous areas, especially suitable for industry, mining, breeding, agriculture, construction and household use (or water delivery in mountainous areas)

Solar Deep Well Pump

1. Overview of solar deep well pump products:

The solar deep well pump uses solar panels to convert light energy into electrical energy, and is combined with a low-voltage solar water pump. There is no need to lay cables, it is convenient, practical and simple to operate. When there is sunshine, the water pump automatically pumps water, and when there is no sunshine, it can pump water continuously. Equipped with a power supply to ensure continuous water pumping and operation under stable voltage. Scope of application: Suitable for drinking water, courtyard irrigation, etc. in homes with sufficient sunshine, remote areas without power supply, grassland pastoral areas, work base stations, etc. It can be used continuously in rainy days.

The solar water pump is a water-lifting device that is directly connected to the motor and the water pump and works in the water. It consists of a well submersible pump, a submersible motor, a water pipe, a cable, a start-up protection device, and a solar panel. It is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells in areas with sufficient sunshine and remote power supply areas. It can also be used in water lifting projects such as rivers, reservoirs, and canals. It is used for farmland irrigation and water for humans and animals in plateau mountains. It is especially suitable for industrial and mining, breeding, and other industries. Agriculture, construction industry and household use (or water delivery in mountains).

2. Main features of solar deep well pump:

1. The motor and water pump are integrated and run submerged in the water. It has a simple structure, is energy-saving and efficient, is safe and reliable.

2. There are no special requirements for well pipes and water pipes. Steel tube wells, gray tube wells, earth wells, etc. can be used. If the pressure permits, steel pipes, rubber pipes, plastic pipes, etc. can be used as water pipes.

3. It has high lift, beautiful appearance, light weight, no noise, no pollution, strong adaptability to the installation environment, greatly saves the project cost, and does not affect the architecture and natural landscape.

4. It is convenient and simple to install, use and maintain, and occupies a small area.

5. Anti-sand and anti-freeze structure, water depth of 20 meters, automatic thermal protection.

6. The high-performance wear-resistant electric pump is produced by Dolay Pump Industry Co,Ltd.  The power part is equipped with a stainless steel submersible motor produced by the current cutting-edge technology, which does not pollute the water quality. Use high-quality stainless steel shell, shaft core, coupling, water inlet seat and pump head (or copper alloy water inlet seat and pump head), high-strength and wear-resistant new composite polymer material impeller and stainless steel diversion shell, new "floating" The structural impeller has no axial pressure on the motor during operation.

3. Technical parameters of solar deep well submersible pump products:

The best solutions for solving the drinking water problem in the water and electricity Shortage areas.

4. Ordering Instructions

① Product name and model of solar deep well pump 

② Caliber of solar deep well pump 

③ Solar deep well pump lift (m) 

④ Solar deep well pump flow rate 

⑤ Solar deep well pump motor power (KW) 

⑥ Solar deep well pump speed (r/min) 

⑦ Solar deep well pump Pump voltage [V] 

⑧ Solar deep well pump material 

⑨ Whether the solar submersible pump comes with accessories so that we can select the correct model for you. 

If the product model of our company's solar submersible pump has been selected by the design unit, please order directly from the sales department of Dolay Pump Company according to the solar submersible pump model.

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