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Shock absorption measures for axial flow pump units

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Shock absorption measures for axial flow pump units

1. Adjust the operating conditions of vertical axial flow pumps by changing the angle, adjusting the speed, or bypass valve to reduce 

the necessary NPSH of the axial flow pump, bypass the cavitation operating point.

2. Take effective drainage, waterproofing,and fire prevention measures to improve the water inflow status.

3. It can be considered to introduce pressurized water from the pump outlet (or flow channel) into the inlet (or flow channel), 

or to install additional pressurized water pump equipment, 

using a nozzle as a circular on-off valve to increase the working pressure at the pump inlet, in order to eliminate or reduce cavitation and vibration. 

One nozzle can be used for small pumps, and several nozzles can be used for large pumps. 

The length of the mixing section, the position of the nozzle, and the total flow rate of the nozzle should be effectively 

determined based on the working pressure of the guide groove, the increase in nozzle volume, the flow rate of nozzle water, 

the ratio of mainstream products, and the number of nozzles.

4. Supplying (0.4-1%) steam at the inlet of a vertical axial flow pump (calculated by volume flow rate) 

can greatly reduce the cavitation compressive strength of the vertical axial flow pump, significantly weakening corrosion, noise, and vibration. T

he actual method and location of supplementing qi and blood should be determined based on the different cavitation conditions and work experience of related projects.

5. Under the premise of standards, it can be considered to set a guide wheel in front of the main centrifugal impeller of the axial flow pump

On the one hand, it can rectify, and on the other hand, it can make the inlet of the centrifugal impeller exhibit kinetic energy, 

thereby improving its cavitation characteristics and eliminating or reducing cavitation vibration.

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