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Sewage pump submersible pump maintenance process procedures

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                                                            Sewage pump submersible pump maintenance process procedures

Sewage pump maintenance

1) Quality standards that should be controlled during maintenance of sewage pumps

1. If there are cracks, grooves or holes in the pump body, welding repair method or epoxy resin mortar can be used to repair them.

2. Before installing the repaired impeller, its static balance should be corrected.

3. If water or oil enters the motor, it should be wiped clean and dried.

4. When installing the dynamic seal, the plane runout of the retaining ring shall not exceed 0.05mm.

5. After refueling, you should lay the motor down, turn on the power and try to run it for five minutes. There should be no oil leakage.

Only then. If oil leakage is found, re-seal the outer mechanical seal and assemble it.

2) Sewage pump replacement standards

1. Impeller replacement

The impeller must be replaced if the following conditions occur:

a Serious cracks appear on the surface.

b More sand or holes are formed on the surface.

c The impeller becomes thin due to erosion, thus affecting the mechanical strength.

d. Serious eccentric wear occurs at the impeller inlet.

2. If the sealing ring is cracked and excessively worn, it should be replaced.

3. If the cable is damaged, it should be replaced.

4. The outlet seal is aged or damaged and should be replaced.

5. If the mechanical seal is damaged, it should be replaced.

6. Bearings that exhibit fatigue pitting, cracks, permanent deformation, wear, gluing, damage to inner and outer rings and cages should be replaced.

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