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Reasons and solutions for centrifugal pump failure to pump water

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                                      Reasons and solutions for centrifugal pump failure to pump water

The centrifugal pump cannot pump water, the reasons why the centrifugal pump cannot pump water, the solution for the centrifugal pump not pumping water

Overview of centrifugal pump products

There are many types of centrifugal pumps. Commonly used centrifugal pump products include: 

  • Single-stage centrifugal pump

  • Multi-stage centrifugal pump 

  • Double-suction centrifugal pump

Among these three types of products, only single-stage centrifugal pumps have certain self-priming capabilities. The other two multi-stage centrifugal pumps and double-suction centrifugal pumps do not have self-priming capabilities. If the liquid level is lower than the pump, other water diversion methods must be used to pump water. When water is pumped up, the common water diversion method is vacuum water diversion or a water diversion tube installed at the pump suction inlet.

Reasons why single-stage centrifugal pump cannot pump water

Although the single-stage centrifugal pump has a certain self-priming ability, it is still necessary to ensure full sealing and no air leakage during the installation of the inlet pipeline.

  The reason why the centrifugal pump cannot pump water may be that the user has not installed and used it correctly. 

So, correct installation and use method is that a bottom valve must be installed at the bottom of the pool on the centrifugal pump suction pipe. The entire pump body and water inlet pipe need to be filled with water before starting. , you need to close the water outlet valve before starting, and then slowly open the water outlet valve after starting the centrifugal pump. Each single-stage centrifugal pump has different self-priming performance according to different models. When selecting, you need to understand each single-stage centrifugal pump clearly. The effective self-priming height of the centrifugal pump can be known from the cavitation head of the pump model.

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