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Reasons and Treatment Methods for Bearing Rupture of Shielded Pump

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Reasons and Treatment Methods for Bearing Rupture of Shielded Pump

Reason 1: Overload operation

Overload operation is one of the common causes of bearing rupture in shielded pumps. 

When the pump operates outside the design parameter range and is subjected to excessive pressure and load, 

the bearings will withstand tremendous force, which may lead to damage.

-Solution: Ensure that the pump operates under normal working conditions and avoid exceeding the rated load. 

According to the design parameters of the pump, arrange the usage plan reasonably to avoid overload operation.

Reason 2: Poor lubrication

Poor lubrication is another common cause of bearing rupture. Insufficient lubrication or 

the use of unsuitable lubricants can lead to increased bearing friction, accelerated wear and fracture.

-Solution: Ensure that the bearings are properly lubricated. According to the manufacturer's recommendations,

 select suitable lubricants and ensure that lubricating oil is added regularly to reduce bearing wear.

Reason 3: Vibration and shock

Frequent vibration and impact can cause the bearings of the canned pump to rupture. 

Vibration and impact can cause additional pressure on the bearings, leading to damage.

-Solution: Install a vibration damping device to reduce the vibration and impact generated by the pump during operation. 

Ensure that the foundation of the pump is firm and reduce the impact of external vibration on the bearings.

Reason 4: Impurities and pollutants

Impurities and pollutants entering the interior of the bearing can wear the bearing surface and cause it to rupture. 

Especially pumps that operate in harsh environments are more susceptible to pollution.

-Solution: During installation and use, ensure to prevent impurities and pollutants from entering the interior of the pump body. 

Set up filters and screens to prevent external impurities from entering the bearings.

Reason 5: Improper installation and maintenance

Incorrect installation and lack of regular maintenance may lead to bearing rupture. 

For example, incorrect installation can cause bearings to be in an unstable state and accelerate wear.

-Solution: Follow the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines during the installation process. 

Regularly maintain the pump, check the condition of the bearings, and replace aging components in a timely manner.

In summary, the problem of bearing rupture in canned pumps may be caused by multiple factors. 

Through correct operation, reasonable maintenance, and timely handling methods, 

the risk of bearing rupture can be reduced, ensuring the stable operation of shielded pump equipment, 

improving production efficiency, and extending the service life of the equipment.

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