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Problems that may occur if you ignore the centrifugal pump has a small water output

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Problems that may occur if you ignore the centrifugal pump has a small water output

1. Low efficiency and uneconomical

The rated flow rate of a centrifugal pump is set at the factory and cannot be changed.

 It is also a standard. When the actual flow rate of the centrifugal pump is lower than the rated flow rate and there is a significant difference, 

the entire motor appears in a state of low efficiency. This not only causes high power consumption and low efficiency, but also is a very uneconomical behavior. 

If the working environment at this time requires such a small flow centrifugal pump, 

it is recommended to select a new type and equip it with a small pump that is suitable for the environment.

2. High noise, unit wear, causing environmental pollution

Under normal circumstances, the use of centrifugal pumps belongs to silent mode, or the sound is acceptable.

However, if the flow rate suddenly decreases, the original direction of the liquid flow will deviate from the direction of the blades, 

directly leading to a significant increase in the pump's detachment loss, impact loss, and vortex loss. 

When these losses are generated, they will cause mechanical noise and a large amount of hydraulic resonance noise, 

causing serious environmental noise pollution, and bringing unnecessary trouble to the surrounding environment.

3. It seriously affects the force situation of the rotor

At rated flow rate, a centrifugal pump does not have radial force. 

However, when the flow rate decreases, the water flow velocity in the original vortex chamber decreases. 

According to the operating principle of a centrifugal pump, the speed of water flow out of the impeller will increase, 

directly causing the water flow to not converge and forming an impact, generating radial force that continuously applies pressure to the normally operating rotor.

Long term low flow operation of centrifugal pumps not only leads to faster pump damage, but also leads to overuse and lack of economic efficiency. 

If you have any questions about the use of centrifugal pumps, Zhejiang Dolay Pump Industry is always welcome to call for consultation.

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