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Precautions for Installation And Use of Sewage Pump with Cutting Device

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                                                      Precautions for installation and use of sewage pump with cutting device

1. Before using the sewage pump with cutting device, check whether the cable is damaged. When transporting and installing the water pump, cutting iron may pull or damage the cable to avoid accidents caused by water leakage after the cable ruptures. If the cable is hard to crack, the cable should be replaced immediately. And use a megohmmeter to check whether the insulation resistance of the electric pump is normal (the insulation resistance must not be less than 1 megohm)

2. Connect the ground wire according to the prescribed procedures. The ground wire is usually yellow or green or connected with a grounding mark.

3. Choose a suitable protector (such as leakage protector, air switch, phase failure overcurrent protector, etc.) and do not connect directly with a knife switch.

4. Connect the power cord according to the standard, test the power supply, check whether the electric pump is operating normally, and determine whether the steering is correct. If the steering is incorrect, just swap any two of the three power cords (pay attention to the running time) cannot exceed half a minute).

5. Install the water outlet joint and water outlet hose (or iron pipe), tie a rope on the handle of the electric pump (cables must not be used to replace the hanging rope), put the electric pump into the liquid book to be pumped, and turn on the power , ready to use.

6. When the sewage pump is connected to power, it is strictly prohibited to install and launch water near the electric pump (such as moving or inspecting, troubleshooting, etc.) or touching the electric pump to prevent accidents caused by electric pump leakage!

7. It is strictly prohibited to leave the entire electric pump exposed to the water for long-term operation (or short-term operation). The electric pump should not be turned on/off too frequently to prevent overheating and damage to the motor.

8. Long-term pumping of liquids with high sand content will cause greater wear and tear on the flow-passing parts of the WQ sewage pump with cutting device. It is recommended to use the cyclone sewage submersible electric pump product of Donglei Pump Company.

9. If it is found that the WQ belt cutting device sewage pump does not rotate, the protector trips, the fuse blows out and other abnormal phenomena when it is running, the power should be cut off immediately and check whether there is any problem with the power protector wiring. If these external devices are When it is normal, it may be that the sewage pump is faulty. At this time, it should not be used to avoid accidents!

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