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Katreni Pump Analysis of The Causes of Leakage in Sewage Submersible Pumps

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                                                             Katreni pump analysis of the causes of leakage in sewage submersible pumps

Analysis of the causes of leakage in sewage submersible pumps

   Sewage submersible pumps mainly serve environmental protection. Its main features are: 

  • High efficiency, 

  • No clogging, 

  • Easy to use, 

  • No need to build a pump room. 

   Sewage submersible pumps are widely used in municipal construction, factories and mines, hotels, sewage treatment projects, etc. Sewage submersible pumps have a high reputation in the market, and our company's products are used all year round in municipal government buildings and other large domestic projects. Sewage submersible pumps will inevitably encounter some problems during long-term use. 


   So how should users deal with these problems when they encounter them?

Mechanical seal is the main cause of leakage in sewage submersible pumps, but the mechanical seal itself is a precision component with high requirements, which has high requirements on design, machining and assembly quality. When using mechanical seals, various factors for the use of mechanical seals should be analyzed to ensure that the mechanical seals are suitable for the technical requirements and medium requirements of various pumps and have sufficient lubrication conditions, so as to ensure long-term reliable operation of the sewage submersible pump seals.

Mechanical seal is also called end face seal. It has a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Under the action of fluid pressure and compensating mechanical external elastic force, the end faces rely on the cooperation of auxiliary seals to keep fit with the other end and slide relative to each other, thereby preventing the fluid from flowing leakage.

   Common leakage phenomena

The proportion of mechanical seal leakage accounts for more than 50% of all repaired sewage submersible pumps. The operation of the mechanical seal directly affects the normal operation of the sewage submersible pump. The summary and analysis are as follows.

Periodic leakage

1. The axial movement of the sewage submersible pump rotor is large, the interference between the auxiliary seal and the shaft is large, and the moving ring cannot move flexibly on the shaft. After the sewage submersible pump is turned over and the dynamic and static rings are worn, the displacement cannot be compensated.

Countermeasures: When assembling the mechanical seal, the axial movement of the shaft should be less than 0.1mm, and the interference between the auxiliary seal and the shaft should be moderate. While ensuring the radial seal, the moving ring should be able to move flexibly on the shaft after assembly ( Press the moving ring toward the spring so it can bounce back freely).

2.Insufficient lubricating oil on the sealing surface causes dry friction or roughening of the sealing end surface.

Countermeasures: The height of the lubricating oil level in the oil chamber should be higher than the dynamic and static ring sealing surfaces.

3.The rotor vibrates periodically. The reason is that the stator and the upper and lower end covers are not aligned or the impeller and main shaft are unbalanced, cavitation or bearing damage (wear). This situation will shorten the sealing life of the sewage submersible pump and cause leakage.

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