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KATREENI Automatic Mixing Submersible Pump, Automatic Mixing Pump with Cutting, Sewage Water Pump Dolay Pump Production

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                                 Automatic mixing submersible pump, automatic mixing pump with cutting, sewage water pump Dolay Pump Production

Brand   Katreeni          

Type :                         Non-clogging submersible pump

Drive mode                Electric 

Flow rate                    15m³/h

Pump shaft position:       Side-mounted        

Performance:              No clogging

Lift :                            15m 

Speed :                       2890 rpm

Suction diameter:       65mm 

Discharge diameter:   50mm

Automatic mixing submersible pump with cutter 

1. Product overview of WQ belt cutting automatic mixing submersible pump

The automatic mixing pump with cutting function is a new generation pump product developed using an excellent hydraulic model. The cutting and mixing pump not only has the advantages of high efficiency, safety and reliability, long life, beautiful appearance and good sewage discharge performance.


Advantages of automatic coupling installation, automatic control and saving of the civil construction cost of the pump station, especially in the discharge Send solid particles and long fiber waste to reduce sedimentation in sewage pits.

The hydraulic performance of this automatic mixing sewage pump is cutting-edge and mature. All performance indicators of the product have been tested and have reached or exceeded the relevant standards. After the product was put on the market, it has been welcomed and praised by users around the world for its efficient, reliable performance and stable quality.

2. Conditions for use of WQ belt cutting automatic mixing pump :

  • The medium temperature of the cutting and mixing pump shall not exceed +40℃ when used continuously, and +70℃ when used intermittently (up to 5 minutes). The medium weight is 1.0~1.3kg/dm3, and the PH value is in the range of 5-9.

  • The pump and motor parts of the self-flow circulation cooling system in this product shall not expose more than 1/3 of the liquid surface.

  • Under normal circumstances, the sewage pump must be used within the operating lift range (generally not less than 60% of the rated lift) to ensure that the motor is not overloaded. If it needs to be used in the full lift range, it should be specified separately when ordering. Manufacturer made.

  • The main parts of the cutting and mixing pump are made of wear-resistant cast iron, so they cannot be used to pump highly corrosive liquids. If you need to pump highly corrosive liquids, please explain the use conditions and requirements and make a special order. We will make a targeted Design and service for you.

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