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How to solve the wear and erosion of pulp pumps

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How to solve the wear and erosion of pulp pumps

1. Choose wear-resistant materials

For the components of pulp pumps, especially the impeller, pump casing, and other parts, wear-resistant materials should be selected. 

Commonly used wear-resistant materials include high chromium alloy, rubber, ceramics, etc. 

These materials can effectively resist the wear and erosion of solid particles, extending the service life of pumps.

2. Reduce flow rate

Reduce the flow rate of the pulp pump appropriately to reduce the impact and wear of liquid on the internal components of the pump. 

By adjusting the pump speed and flow rate reasonably, the degree of wear and erosion can be reduced.

3. Regular maintenance

Conduct regular maintenance and upkeep on the pulp pump, check the wear of the impeller, 

pump casing, bearings and other components of the pump, and replace severely worn components in a timely manner to maintain the pump in good condition.

4. Control of solid content

During the pulp conveying process, try to control the content of solid particles in the pulp as much as possible to reduce the abrasion of solid particles on the pump. 

The content of solid particles can be reduced through methods such as screening and filtration.

5. Increase lubrication

Adding a certain amount of lubricant to the liquid can reduce the wear and erosion of the pump caused by the liquid. 

Suitable lubricants can reduce friction and wear, reduce pump energy consumption, and improve pump efficiency.

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