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How to remove scale from stainless steel submersible pump?

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                                         How to remove scale from stainless steel submersible pump?

   How to remove scale from stainless steel submersible pump?

   Scale will form when stainless steel submersible pumps are used for a long time, especially for submersible pumps used in some poor water quality conditions, which are more prone to this problem. When the scale accumulates to a certain extent, the speed of the water pump will slow down, so the performance will decline. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the scale in the pump to ensure the normal operation of the pump. 


   Let's take a look at how to clean it up:

   If it is scale, it can be soaked with oxalic acid, and hydrochloric acid is also acceptable, but the concentration of hydrochloric acid should be controlled. If the acidity is too high, it will corrode the stainless steel submersible pump. 

   If the motor does not move, you can apply some loosening fluid to the bearing, and pour some lubricating oil after loosening. This should be caused by not maintaining it properly. When not in use for a long time, you need to drain the water and store the desiccant in the pump. You can put some rust inhibitor in the water, it will be better. The scale in the stainless steel submersible pump chamber is mainly caused by high water temperature.  If there is too much scale, there will be no gaps in the pump chamber. Then the pump will not be able to rotate. we should control the water temperature of the circulating water.


  Get into the habit of regular descaling. Do not wait until the scale has accumulated to a certain extent and affects the operation of the submersible pump before cleaning. When we use a submersible pump, we still need to give full play to its performance and improve the utilization rate of the pump.

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