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How to improve the safety of submersible pumps

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How to improve the safety of submersible pumps

1.Inspect vulnerable parts

The impeller, retaining ring, shaft sleeve, bearing seat, etc. of the submersible pump are vulnerable parts. 

Check whether these accessories and components are of good quality, meet the usage requirements, and are tightened.

2.Replace lubricating oil

Open the oil hole screws inside the sealing chamber and the motor separately, drain all the lubricating oil inside the sealing chamber and the motor, 

and replace with new oil to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system.

3.Disassembling the pump casing to prevent rusting

Before use, the upper level pump casing should be disassembled, the impeller should be turned, and then the switch should be closed to start,

 in order to prevent the components from rusting and not starting properly, which will burn the motor. This maintenance is particularly important for water filled motors.

4.Ensure sealing

The submersible pump is very strict with sealing. 

If the sealing components are damaged, they should be replaced immediately to avoid water infiltration and damage to equipment such as the motor.

5.Drying motor

Wet motor can affect its use. Drying methods include external drying, electric current drying, and a combination of both. 

The external drying method refers to the use of external heat sources for treatment, 

commonly used measures include: ⑴ blowing hot air, ⑵ baking bulbs, and ⑶ electric current drying.

6.Check bearings for wear and proper lubrication.

If the bearing is worn and needs to be repaired, it should be replaced in a timely manner if the damage is severe. 

The addition of lubricating oil should comply with the rules, without impurities, and the amount added should be appropriate.

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