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How to correctly install a vertical pipeline centrifugal pump ?

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                                                      How to correctly install a vertical pipeline centrifugal pump

Before starting the pipeline centrifugal pump, you need to prime the pump or use a vacuum pump to extract the air from the pump. Liquid viscosity has a great influence on the performance of pipeline centrifugal pumps. When the liquid viscosity increases, the flow rate, lift, suction lift and efficiency of the pipeline pump will be significantly reduced. The application of pipeline centrifugal pumps in small flow and high head situations is subject to certain restrictions, because the flow channel of the small flow centrifugal pump body is very narrow, making it difficult to manufacture, and the efficiency is also very low.

⑴ The key to the installation technology of pipeline centrifugal pumps is to determine the installation height of the water pump (ie, the suction lift). This height refers to the vertical distance from the water surface to the center line of the pump impeller. It cannot be confused with the allowable vacuum height. The allowable vacuum height indicated on the water pump product manual or nameplate refers to the vacuum value on the water inlet section of the pipeline centrifugal pump. And this is under the condition of 1 standard atmosphere and water temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Determined by conducting experiments. It does not take into account the water flow conditions after the water suction pipe is installed. The installation height of the pipeline centrifugal pump should be the allowable vacuum height after deducting the head loss of the suction pipeline. The remaining value. It has to overcome the actual terrain water absorption height. The installation height of the water pump cannot exceed the calculated value. otherwise. The water pump will not be able to pump water.

⑵ The size that affects the calculated value is the resistance loss head of the water suction pipe. therefore. The shortest pipeline layout should be used. And try to install as few elbows and other accessories as possible. You can also consider installing larger diameter water pipes. to reduce the flow velocity in the tube.

⑶ It should be pointed out. When the elevation and water temperature of the pipeline centrifugal pump installation location are different from the test conditions. For example, if the local altitude is more than 300 meters or the temperature of the pumped water exceeds 20 degrees Celsius. Then the calculated value needs to be corrected. That is, the atmospheric pressure at different altitudes and the saturated steam pressure when the water temperature is higher than 20 degrees Celsius. but. When the water temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius. Saturated vapor pressure is negligible.

⑷ pipeline centrifugal pump from the pipeline installation technology. Water suction pipes require strict sealing. No air leakage or water leakage. Otherwise, the vacuum at the water inlet of the water pump will be destroyed. Reduce the water output of the water pump. In severe cases, you can't even pump water. therefore. The interface work of the pipeline must be done carefully. Ensure the construction quality of pipeline connections.

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