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How to connect cables to large flow deep well submersible pumps

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                                         How to connect cables to large flow deep well submersible pumps


Deep well submersible pumps generally only have lead-out cables when they leave the factory. Users need to connect additional cables by themselves during installation. Therefore, you must pay attention to the correct method when connecting cables, otherwise it will have a great impact on the use of the submersible pump.

Cable Options:

Be sure to use enough cables, as insufficient cables will cause the cables to heat up and even burn the motor. JHS model waterproof cable must be used.

Wiring Method:

1. Peel off the outer sheath and main insulation layer of the submersible pump cable to expose 35-40mm of copper wire. 

   Shape the rubber near the wire core into a tapered shape. 

   Polish the oxide layer on the wire core cleanly and use alcohol (preferably). 

   Use hydrochloric acid) to clean the wire core and the insulation layer and sheath layer to be wrapped and let them dry naturally.

2. Materials :   

  • Submersible cable  

  • PVC adhesive tape  

  • Self-adhesive butyl rubber tape 

  • φ1mm copper wire 

  • Solder 

  • Lead-out cable.

3. Prepare a 500W soldering iron, rosin, solder, lmm bare copper wire and insulation tape.

4. Tie the cable core evenly with bare copper wire, heat it with a soldering iron, and infiltrate the tin. It is required to penetrate evenly. Use a file to repair the flat welding part (burrs and sharp picks are not allowed), and wipe the part to be bandaged with alcohol again and let it dry.

5. First wrap three layers of self-adhesive butyl tape in half, and gradually extend to the outside of the core. When bandaging, the tape must be stretched by 200%, and the outer layer should be half-folded with PVC adhesive tape in three layers, and gradually extended outward to ensure that the bandaged part is not shorter than 200mm.

6. When connecting three-core cables, the positions of the three joints should be staggered by a certain distance to prevent short circuits.

When the lead cable is a double lead cable, how to wire?

1) After the cable is connected, shake the insulation resistance of the cable and motor (without adding water). The value should not be less than 150 megohms.

2) After the motor is filled with water, the insulation resistance of the motor winding should be measured again and the insulation resistance should be no less than 40 megohms.

3) Turn on the power and test the steering (the time should not exceed 2 seconds). Mark the consecutive positions,

4) Start going down the well: While going down the well, constantly shake the insulation resistance to observe its changes to prevent the cable insulation from being hung on the well wall. If the insulation level is found to drop rapidly below 0.5 megohms, the unit must be brought up to detect the cause. If there are no accidents, after going down the well, you can start the machine for trial operation through the steps mentioned above.

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