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How to choose a household booster pump ?

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                                                        How to choose a household booster pump?

Household booster pumps need to choose different models based on the diameter of the water pipe, the head of the booster, and the flow requirements. The power generally ranges from three to four hundred watts to one or two thousand watts, with different requirements and varying powers. The centrifugal pumps, pipeline pumps, or self priming pumps that we come into contact with in our daily lives are typical and the most commonly used water booster pumps. At the same time, the booster pump for tap water generally does not operate directly with a single pump powered on. Unless you do not use water frequently, necessary pipe valve stabilizing systems and electrical control systems need to be equipped to achieve the automatic operation of tap water. The commonly used variable frequency water pumps, automatic booster pumps, or variable frequency water supply equipment are typical fully automatic tap water booster pump unit systems.

Power is not the main parameter of a booster pump, it is just an auxiliary parameter after determining the flow rate and head. Moreover, in the current manufacturing process, as long as the flow rate and head are the same, the power is almost the same. Therefore, when choosing a product, the first thing we should pay attention to is not power, but head and flow rate. The flow rate and head referred to here refer to the rated flow rate and rated head, and are not the maximum flow rate and maximum head marked by some merchants. There is an essential difference between the two. Simply put, when the booster pump operates at its maximum head, its flow rate is almost zero, which is meaningless in practical use. The rated flow mentioned above refers to our maximum hourly water consumption, and the rated flow of the water pump must be at least equal to or greater than this water consumption. The rated head refers to the head that the pump reaches at the rated flow. Only based on the rated flow rate and rated head is the main basis for pump selection the most reasonable.

It does not necessarily mean that installing a water pump will have a good boosting effect. There are many cases of low water pressure, such as increased head loss caused by pipeline aging; Or the water supply itself is insufficient; Even in cases where the user's home does not produce water during peak hours, the effect of directly installing the pump is usually not significant. It is also worth noting that when the water supply of the pipeline is less than the user's water demand, the pressure boosting effect will not be significant. For example, the municipal water supply is only 5 tons per hour, while the user's water consumption is around 8 tons per hour. At this time, installing a larger booster pump cannot solve the problem. In this situation, the only way is to install a larger water tank, then re pressurize the water tank, and choose a pump with appropriate rated flow and head.

Product Application 

Boosted tap water supply for households,

Hotels, schools, 

Irrigation for homes, 

Gardens, landscaping, emptying swimming pools, 

Product Features

Adopting variable frequency speed regulation and constant pressure, which is more energy-efficient. The power supply is adjusted according to the working needs of the pump, reducing water pressure fluctuations, dry running protection, automatic reset, and effective leakage control.

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How to choose a booster water pump

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