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How to choose a fish pond circulating water pump?

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                                                                          How to choose a fish pond circulating water pump

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Many aquarists often complain that during the first period of fish farming, the water quality of the fish pond is very clean and thorough, and it looks very comfortable. However, after a while, moss, green algae, turbidity and other problems appear in the water, which makes the owners very worried. It turns out that fish farming also requires How to manage water quality? Generally, a simple filtration system is installed in private fish ponds or fish tanks to effectively prolong the problem of pond water deterioration. Let’s talk about ornamental fish ponds. The previous fish pond filtration systems were too complicated, layer after layer, and not only occupied an area The area is large and the filtering effect is not very good.

Currently, the simplest fish pond filtration system is composed of a fish pond filter sand tank, filter materials, pipes, and water pumps. It is very simple. The filter sand tank is filled with various fish pond water quality filter materials to intercept dirt and allow the filtered water to flow back. In the pond, this is the new fish pond filtration system. Fish pond circulating water pumps, aeration pumps, and fish pond filters are also indispensable. In the past, the ordinary AC water pumps we used with more than 20W would produce vibrations. If they did not vibrate, they would not have that much horsepower.

If the pump has been used for a long time (more than 2 years) or is used improperly (occasionally turning it on can easily shorten the life of the pump, the correct way is to turn it on 24 hours a day), it will cause damage to the pump and produce noise.

Axial flow pumps are also commonly used in fish pond filtration systems. Axial flow pumps do not have a lift. Farmland drainage and irrigation in the countryside are basically axial flow pumps. However, the axial flow pumps used in pools are not designed to have a high lift. It is about 20 centimeters because the flow rate of the axial flow pump is large. , Generally, the use of axial flow pumps for circulation in fish ponds is in line with the principle of energy saving.

The fish pond circulating water pump must be selected with a large displacement; the following types can be considered:

  •  Fish pond water pump with variable frequency and silent water and land use

  •  Fish pond variable frequency water pump energy-saving fish pond pump

  •  Large flow water pump

  •  Fish pond filter submersible pump fish pond water pump

  •  Fish pond sewage pump 8000L/H

  •  Ultra-quiet fish pond variable frequency water pump

  •  Fish pond with large flow and low head

  •  Fish pond water pump solar filter circulation pump.

It can be seen that it is better to choose a fish pond water pump with variable frequency, energy saving, large flow, low head, silence and power saving. The choice of fish pond water pump is related to the size of the fish tank. The small amount of toxic substances in the fish tank precipitates, and the water flow must drain it away as soon as possible. The fish pond is large and the water surface area is also large, so the water flow should be filtered as slowly as possible; in terms of efficiency: the fish pond water pump can be selected in two hours The water in the pool is drained internally, and a larger model of water pump can meet the optimal water flow rate. When choosing a fish pond water pump, you should try to take into account its efficiency, energy saving, and silence in terms of cost. Choose a water pump suitable for the fish pond according to your personal affordability.

Dolay Pump Industry provides customers with a full range of bath pumps and solar fish pond pumps of various powers.

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