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How To Use The Hot Water Circulating Pump

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How To Use The Hot Water Circulating Pump

The water heater circulating pump is an electrical appliance that can quickly reach the hot water. It does not have a heating function itself, but pumps the cooled water in the hot water pipeline back to the water heater for secondary heating, also known as gas water heater circulating water, water heater circulating pump . It is powered by a hot water circulating pump, and adopts the method of continuous hot water circulation to transfer heat (or hot water) from the "collection end" to the "use end", so as to save water and improve the comfort of using domestic hot water.

1. The flow of the circulating pump is generally determined according to the percentage of the hot water volume of the design hours. The cooling water volume of the single design hours is 25 ~ 30%of the design hours of the community 30 ~ 35%.

2. The raising of the circulating pump is calculated according to the above flow of the water supply and water return pipes. If it is a heat -type or semi -hot heater, it is also necessary to calculate or set the loss according to the parameters given by the manufacturer. The two are added, and then the multiple of 1.1 is enlarged as the raising of the circulating pump.

3. The circulating pump control is controlled by the temperature sensor of the water pipe before pumping the water pipe. The start -stop temperature is generally 10 ° from the water supply temperature of the hot water, and the pump is 5 ° lower.

(1) The total flow of the circulating water pump should not be smaller than the total design flow of the pipe network. When the inhaling mouth of the hot water boiler exit to the circulating water pump is equipped with bypass pipes, it should be included in the flow of flowing through the bypass pipe.

(2) The flow of the circulating water pump-raising characteristic curve should be relatively gentle near the pump work point, so that when the network hydraulic conditions change, the raising of the circulating water pump is small. Generally, the characteristic curve of the single -grade water pump is relatively gentle, and single -grade water pumps should be used for circulating water pumps.

(3) The pressure and temperature resistance of the circulating water pump should be compatible with the design parameters of the hot net. The circulating water pump is mostly installed on the hot net backwater pipe. The working temperature allowed by the circulating water pump generally cannot generally not be lower than 80 ° C. If it is installed on the hot net water supply pipe, a high -temperature hot water circulating water pump must be used.

(4) The working point of the circulating water pump should be within the efficient working range of the pump.

(5) The determination of the number of circulating water pump tables is related to the heating adjustment method adopted by the hot water heating system. The number of circulating water pumps must not be less than two, one of which is spare. When four or more water pumps are connected in parallel, the spare water pump may be set up. 

When concentrated quality adjustment is used, the same type of water pump should be used to work in parallel.

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