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How To Install and Maintain A Submersible Well Pump

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Installation Of Submersible Well Pumps

1. Inspection and preparation before installation

(1) Check whether the water well meets the conditions of use of the pump, that is the diameter of the well, the quality of the vertical and the well wall, as well as the static water level, dynamic water level, water inflow and water quality conditions. .

(2) Check whether the power supply equipment and power supply lines can ensure the normal operation of the electric pump.

(3) Whether the power supply voltage and frequency meet the conditions of use.

(4) Familiar with the installation and operation instructions, the newly drilled well must be flushed, and the submersible electric pump can be installed only after the mud and sand are removed from the water.

(5) Check whether the electrical circuits, control and protection devices are reasonable, safe and reliable.

(6) Prepare all kinds of installation and use tools, and erect tripods and hoisting chains (or other hoisting tools) to be safe, reliable and easy to use.

2. Installation of submersible well pumps

(1) Remove the water filter screen, and then open the water injection and air vent bolts to fill the inner cavity of the motor with clean water.

Be sure to fill it up with water. And check all parts of the motor for water leakage. If water leakage is found, adjust the gasket and tighten the bolts according to the location.

(2) Carefully check whether the cables and connectors are bruised or damaged, and wrap them up in time if any problems are found.

(3) Use a 500-volt megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance of the windings not less than 150 megohms.

(4) Install the protection switch and starting equipment, and check whether the water in the motor is full. Tighten the water injection and air vent bolts, and then install the wire guard and water filter to prepare for installation.

(5) Install a short water pipe section at the water outlet of the pump, and clamp it with a splint, lift it and drop it into the well, so that the splint is seated on the well platform.

(6) Use a pair of splints to clamp another section of the water pipe, then lift and lower it to connect with the short water pipe flange. Lift the hoisting chain to remove the first pair of splints, so that the pump tube is lowered into the well and sits on the well platform, and the installation is repeated in sequence, and then goes down the well until all the installations are completed, and the last splint is not removed to fix the pump on the wellhead.

(7) Finally, put on the manhole cover, elbow, gate valve outlet pipe, etc.

(8) There is a stuck phenomenon in the process of lowering the pump. It is necessary to overcome the stuck point and do not force the pump to avoid being stuck.

(9) It is strictly forbidden for personnel to go down when installing pumps in large wells.

(10) The protection switch and starting equipment shall be equipped with voltage, ammeter and indicator lights, and shall be installed on the switchboard and placed in appropriate positions.

Maintenance of submersible well pumps

(1) Before using the submersible well pump,  the insulation resistance of the motor must be checked with a megohmmeter, and the minimum value should not be less than 50MΩ.

(2) The water immersion motor should open the irrigation screw plug, fill with clean water and then tighten the screw plug. Do not unscrew the irrigation screw plug and directly enter the well. (3) Check whether the cable is broken or broken before use. If damaged, it should be replaced in time to prevent leakage.

(4) The electric well submersible pump should be injected with clean water into the pump before launching, and then idle for 1-2 minutes, and start twice to check whether the starting and idle operation are normal, and whether the steering meets the requirements. If the direction is reversed, just exchange any two-phase wiring. Check whether the lift pipe has cracks and whether the connection is firm.

(5) When the submersible electric pump for the well goes down and lifts, it is not allowed to pull the cable hard, so as to avoid damage to the cable or disconnection at the joint, resulting in undue accidents. Iron wire or pallets should be used to go down and lift.

(6) The power supply voltage should be controlled within the range of ±5% of the rated voltage, so that the motor can work normally. If the voltage is too low or too high, the motor cannot be used continuously, so as to avoid damage to the motor when it works under overvoltage or undervoltage for a long time.

(7) When the submersible pump is submerged into the water, it should be hoisted vertically, and should not be placed obliquely. The depth of water entry is 5 meters below the moving water level.

(8) The actual head of the submersible electric pump  should be used within 0.8-1.1 times the rated head to improve the efficiency of the unit, save energy, and avoid motor overload.

(9) The motor wiring must be solidly connected to prevent the motor from burning due to lack of phase operation. The cable must be checked frequently for cracks, scratches, etc., and if any, be replaced or repaired in time.

(10) After the submersible pump for the well has been running for half a year, it should be repaired and inspected, and the damaged parts should be replaced.

(11) When the submersible electric pump is used, the water immersed motor should be drained of clean water in the motor, the electric pump should be cleaned, oiled to prevent rust, and stored vertically in a dry place.

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