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How To Choose Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump? what is pump lift?

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What is deep well pump?—Katreeni pump 

Submersible Deep well pump

The biggest characteristic of deep well pump is to make the electric motor and pump into one. It is a pump immersed in underground water Wells for pumping and conveying water, which is widely used in farmland drainage and irrigation, industrial and mining enterprises, urban water supply and drainage, and sewage treatment. Because the motor dives into the water at the same time, the structure requirements of the motor are more special than the general motor. The structure of the motor is divided into dry, semi-dry, oil-filled and wet four types.

The deep well pump is mainly used for taking water intake from deep Wells. The water pump motor is cylindrical. According to the different applicable well diameter, it is divided into 150QJ, 200QJ, 250QJ ,4SP, 5SP, 6SP, 8SP series. The flow rate ranges from 20, 40, 80, 140,160 square meters, etc., and the head range is from 20 meters to 700 meters. Each manufacturer model is slightly different.

How to choose deep well pump?

The first consideration is the lift, there must be enough lift, not just the well depth, but the whole lift. Is the height where you need to raise the water, from the pump to the highest point of the outlet pipe. Also consider the loss of the line, in order to lift sufficient, 100 meters according to the loss of eight meters.

Second, consider the amount of water, see how much water you need, if you want both the lift and the water quantity,  then the power of the deep well pump supporting motor will be greater,  the greater the energy consumption.

Third, the cooling mode. Enough maintenance facilities are available if maintenance is convenient. Because it's not easy to pump down and take out deep Wells. If it is not convenient to use water cooling method as far as possible, do not consider the oil leakage affects the cooling.

As for the diameter of the pump, you won't buy a pump that you can't put in. 

Whether submersible pump or self-priming pump, their label shows the lift(meters)

So what does the lift of the pump mean?

The head refers to the vertical upward distance of the pump outlet,  the head and the vertical head, look at the following figure is the vertical height, not the inclined height, the general suction pump is basically about 8 meters, in addition to the special pump. The theory is that the smaller the pump diameter, the higher the lift, the fire pump is 2.5 inch system, the other are different according to the flow, different caliber, lift is not the same, the distance is far from no problem, a variety of lift for you to choose.

Example of household well pump selection

What submersible pump does household well use ? What pump to pump the four-story tank from the well? If you want to pump the water inside the well on the fourth floor, see how deep the well inside your home, buy a dozens of meters of the submersible pump can, how many specific lift, see how deep the well and how high the house,  then both add up to more than 5 meters can be. 

Another example, I need a pump to pump 10 meters of well water, buy self-suction pump or centrifugal pump?I will give you some advice:

Self-suction pump generally less than 10 meters of suction,  so it is recommended to choose deep well pump, pump in the well pumping booster, if the head and flow requirement is not high, the price is cheap for deep well pump,  if the flow and lift requirement is high, the price is higher, KATREENI brand deep well pump made of stainless steel material, durable, cheap price , with many years of export experience, good after-sale service. welcome to choose Dolay pump as long term cooperation partner. our company will help you to choose right water pump according to your market. 

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