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How To Choose Right Submersible Deep Well Pump For Agriculture Irrigation

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How to choose submersible deep well pump for irrigation?

Flow rate, head range, device method and so on are mainly considered when making the type selection. As long as the selected lift is close to the practice required lift, the deep well pump can operate with energy saving. If the selection is not appropriate, it will greatly affect the operation of the deep well pump.


The operation environment of deep well submersible pump should be satisfied with the following requirements: 

(1) Three-phase AC power supply with 50hz and additional voltage of 5% ±; 

(2) Solid material content (according to the quality) shall not be greater than 0.01%; 

(3) It is necessary for the pump inlet to be below 1 m, but the diving depth does not exceed 70m below the static water level, and the lower end depth of the pump from the bottom of the well is at least 1m; 

(4) The well shall be vertical with smooth wall, and the well pipe shall not be staggered. 

Requirements for deep-well pump type selection:

According to the well diameter, water quality of the initial pump type is quite important . Different types of pumps have certain requirements for the diameter of the well hole, and the maximum external size of the water pump should be less than the well diameter of 25~50mm. If the well hole is crooked, the maximum external size of the pump should be smaller. In short, the pump body is not close to the inner wall of the well to prevent the pump vibration from damage the well. 

According to the water output of the well, select the flow of the deep well pump. The flow of the pump shall be equal to or less than the discharge when the well level drops to half the depth of the well. When the pumped water quantity is greater than the water output quantity of the machine well, it will cause the machine well wall to collapse and accumulate, affecting the service life of the well; If the pumped water quantity is too small, the benefit of the well will not be fully played. Therefore, the best way is to conduct a pumping test on the motor well, with the water well may provide the maximum water output as the basis of the selected well pump flow. The pump flow rate shall be subject to the number marked on the label model or instruction manual. 

According to the descent depth of the well water level and the loss of the pipeline head, determine the actual lift of the deep well pump, that is, the lift of the deep well pump, which is equal to the vertical distance between the water level and the water surface of the outlet pool (net head) plus the loss lift. The loss lift is usually 6-9% of the net lift and generally 1~2m. The water inlet depth of the bottom stage impeller of the pump should be 1~1.5m. The total length of the downhole part of the pump pipe shall not exceed the maximum inlet length specified in the pump instructions. 

Water sand content of well is more than 1 / 10,000 , it should not be installed with deep well pump. Because the well water sand content is too large, if more than 0.1%, will accelerate the wear of rubber bearing,can also cause the pump vibration, even shorten the life of the pump.

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