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How Long Can The Submersible Pump Work Continuously In The Water?

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How Long Can The Submersible Pump Work Continuously In The Water?

Submersible pumps can generally work continuously for 8 hours.

5 hours after the submersible pump is put into operation for the first time. The thermal insulation resistance is measured quickly when the machine is shut down. Its value is not less than 0.5MΩ. to continue to use.

The submersible pump should be fully inspected every 8 hours of operation. Are there any changes to each instrument? Whether the circuit node is hot. Is the sound normal. Whether the normal operating current is greater than the rated value of the motor nameplate.

Submersible pumps are important equipment for deep well water extraction. When in use, the whole unit dives into the water to work, extracting groundwater to the surface, which is used for domestic water, mine rescue, industrial cooling, farmland irrigation, seawater lifting, ship load regulation, and can also be used for fountain landscapes.

The whole submersible pump is soaked in water for many days, and it will not enter the water. Its structure has been treated with a lot of waterproofing, and it is also full of oil. Even if there is a little leakage, the water will not get in. The inside of the water pump is a turbine. If the water volume is relatively small, the pump will be more laborious to pump, consume a lot of electricity, the water pump will heat up, and the water from the pump will be a little warm. The submersible pump must be buried underwater. Its motor needs water to cool. Once the cooling of the water is lost, the motor will quickly heat up and damage.

Which Is The Best Submersible Pump? 

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