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How Long Can A Submersible Pump Last?

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How Long Can A Submersible Pump Last?

The industry standard warranty period for submersible pumps is one year, but even for the same type of water pump produced by the same manufacturer, due to differences in the use environment, operating specifications, and materials to be conveyed, the life span is very different. Under normal circumstances, except for special reasons such as selection errors, transportation, misoperation, and extremely harsh operating conditions, it is not a big problem to use submersible pumps for two or three years, except for wearing parts, and it is possible to use for five to eight years. Submersible pumps are important equipment for deep well water extraction. When in use, the whole unit dives into the water to work, extracting groundwater to the surface, which is used for domestic water, mine rescue, industrial cooling, farmland irrigation, seawater lifting, ship load regulation, and can also be used for fountain landscapes. 

Extended Information

In one of the following situations, the submersible pump should be stopped immediately.

  • The working current of the pump suddenly exceeds the rated current of the motor.

  • The water output is abnormal, and the water is intermittent. Increased sand content.

  • The insulation resistance of the motor is lower than 0.5 megohm.

  • The unit has obvious noise and vibration aggravated.

  • The grid voltage is insufficient. 5% lower than the rated voltage.

  • The fuse burns out one phase.

  • The water pipeline is damaged. 

Precautions for using submersible pump 

1. Install leakage protector.

2. The water outlet pipe should not be bent as much as possible, and the rupture of the water pipe should be found and repaired in time to reduce power loss. 

3. A filter should be added when pumping water from a water source with more debris. 

4. Correct the positive and negative poles of the power supply before starting, so as to prevent the water pump from reversing and no water. 5. When an abnormal situation is found during use, cut off the power supply in time, and continue to work after the situation is recovered.

The Submersible Pump Can Be Used For 5 More Years

The selection of submersible pumps needs to be based on the rated working conditions. There are many models and specifications of submersible pumps. How to choose the correct model? Professional submersible pump manufacturers have a good understanding of the model, structure, efficiency, power, etc. of submersible pumps. It is relatively accurate to ask manufacturers for help in selecting models. In addition to selecting the appropriate submersible pump model, it is also necessary to operate the submersible pump normally to reduce failure problems. .

Submersible pump operation avoids these things, and the pump lasts 5 more years. Under normal circumstances, some inspections need to be done before the submersible pump is started to ensure that there is no problem with the operation, but if the motor, the various parts of the pump, and the instrumentation equipment are not checked and paid attention to, once a fault occurs, the motor and the submersible pump will be burned out. During operation, pay attention to observe the change of the voltage, and generally control it within the range of ±5% of the rated voltage. In addition, the position of the pump in the water is very important. It should be selected as far as possible in a place with plenty of water, no silt, and good water quality. It should be suspended vertically in the water (note: must not be suspended by cables), and it is not allowed to be placed horizontally to avoid Falling into the mud or blocking the inlet of the pump by suspended matter, resulting in a sharp drop in water output or even inability to pump water.

For users, the normal operation of the submersible pump, the inspection before starting and the shutdown are performed in a certain order, can effectively reduce the occurrence of failures, the maintenance time and cost will also be sharply reduced, the performance of the submersible pump will be stable, and the service life will naturally be much longer. Coupled with regular maintenance and replacement of parts for maintenance, the submersible pump can be used for more than 5 years without any problem.

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