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Four major faults of submersible pumps and corresponding measures

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Four major faults of submersible pumps and corresponding measures

The submersible pump motor cannot start and is accompanied by a buzzing sound:

1. Check the motor circuit for one phase open circuit, check the voltage, and check if the voltage is too low.

Solution: Repair the circuit and adjust the voltage to be normal.

2. Check if there are any foreign objects inside the impeller and if the bearings are damaged.

Solution: Eliminate foreign objects or replace bearings.

Submersible pump does not produce water, indirectly produces water, or has insufficient water output:

1. Check the motor. Check if the motor has started. If it has not started, check the motor circuit and troubleshoot the circuit; 

Check if the motor circuit is connected correctly, 

check if the submersible pump is reversed, if the submersible pump is reversed, and replace the power cord.

2. Check the pipeline. Check if the pipeline is blocked, broken, and if the water filter is blocked.

Solution: If the pipeline breaks, it should be repaired or replaced, and the blockage should be removed.

3. Check the sealing condition of the pump casing and check if the impeller is damaged.

Solution: Replace the sealing ring and impeller with a new one.

Severe vibration during unit operation:

1. Check if the connecting bolts are loose.

Solution: Tighten the bolts.

2. Motor rotor imbalance, water pump impeller imbalance, motor or pump shaft bending.

Solution: Send it to the manufacturing factory for processing.

Excessive current, oscillating ammeter pointer:

1. Check if the thrust bearing is severely worn and if there are any signs of friction between the impeller and the sealing ring.

Solution: Replace the thrust bearing or thrust disc so that the impeller no longer rubs against the sealing ring when it rotates.

2. Check whether the relative rotation of the shaft is flexible. If the rotation is not flexible, the bearing should be replaced or repaired.

3. The dynamic water level drops below the water inlet. The flow rate should be reduced or the well should be changed.

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