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Dolay Pump Industry produces stainless steel jet pumps solar pipeline booster pumps and water pumps

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                               Dolay Pump Industry produces stainless steel jet pumps, solar pipeline booster pumps, and water pumps

The self-priming variable frequency booster pump is a small integrated fully automatic pipeline booster equipment system. The equipment is controlled by a backpack-type inverter with an integrated microcomputer water supply module. It has fully automatic operation, self-priming, variable frequency constant pressure, differential compensation, overcurrent/overload/overvoltage/phase loss/water shortage protection, cleanliness, energy saving, low Noisy, beautiful and compact, it is especially suitable for small buildings such as household water pipe pressurization, villa water supply pressurization, office buildings and small industrial production processes for automatic pressurization of clean water pipes.


Fully automatic operation. It can automatically adjust the speed or start and stop according to the water consumption. It will automatically stop when there is a fault and can automatically resume operation after the fault is resolved. Compact structure. The integrated structural design of the pump, valve and controller is small, compact and beautiful.

The pressure is constant. With the latest AC variable frequency speed control technology, no matter how the water volume changes, the water pressure will not increase or decrease. Cleanliness and hygiene. The flow-passing parts are mainly made of 304 stainless steel, which basically eliminates secondary water supply pollution.

Energy saving and environmental protection. Energy-saving motors and differential compensation are combined to dynamically adjust output power consumption in real time, saving energy up to 20%-40%. Water shortage protection. When there is a shortage of water, the system will shut down immediately to protect the water pump. When water supply is restored, the system can automatically resume operation. easy to use. No need for complicated wiring and installation and debugging. After connecting the inlet and outlet pipes and power supply, fully automatic water supply can be realized with one click.


Large flow and high power suitable for boosting in various scenarios

Stainless steel pump head resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion

The water-passing parts will not rust, and there will be no rust-free water when the water is released in the morning.

The steel impeller shaft is made of stainless steel and is durable and will not break the shaft.

More durable than iron pumps and easier to maintain


Motor :  100% copper coil

Pump body impeller shaft :   304 stainless steel

Ejector :   engineering plastics

Machine base    :  aluminum alloy

Dolay Pump Industry provides customers with high-quality household pipeline booster water pumps and perfect after-sales service.

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