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Countermeasures to prevent corrosion of deep well submersible pumps

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                                    Countermeasures to prevent corrosion of deep well submersible pumps

How to prevent corrosion of submersible pumps

The deep well submersible pump is a water-lifting machine that works directly in the water with a motor and a water pump. It has the advantages of simple structure, high unit efficiency, low noise, safe and reliable operation, and convenient installation and maintenance. It is suitable for extraction from deep water wells, hot water wells and oceans, and can also be used for extraction from rivers, reservoirs, canals, etc.: It is mainly used for farmland irrigation and water for humans and animals in plateau mountains. It can also be used for cities, factories, railways, mines, and construction sites. Drainage use.

There are two main aspects to control the corrosion of deep well submersible pumps caused by groundwater.

One is to improve the corrosion resistance of pipes and use materials with good corrosion resistance.

The second is to remove or inhibit some factors that cause corrosion.

Anti-corrosion measures are as follows:

1. Using pipes, connecting screws, and copper wire ropes with good corrosion resistance can extend the service life exponentially. Try to use the same metal material with a smooth surface, not rough ones; use annealed ones, not hardened ones. Welded joints where stress is concentrated are prone to corrosion and should be avoided during production and installation.

2. Coating (plating) protective layer Coating (plating) protective layer on the surface of the pipe has the following characteristics: electrical insulation, integrity and durability. The coated material has a certain adsorption force and strength, and is non-toxic and economical.

3. Replace the screws. The well pipe connecting screws of the deep well submersible pump must be inspected and replaced every year and connected with galvanized screws. The wire rope should be oiled or covered with plastic pipe.

4. Strengthen regulation and control In areas where heavy calcium carbonate precipitates, try to take various measures to reduce the hydraulic jump value of water supply pipe wells and reduce the water inflow speed, that is, increase the diameter of the filter, increase the water inlet area, and use small pumping when the water demand is determined. The upper limit is adopted for the gravel filling diameter.

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