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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel submersible pumps

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                   Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel submersible pumps


   Stainless steel submersible pumps have many advantages, and their benefits are obvious. The body materials greatly improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance.  It is widely used in the discharge of sewage and wastewater in the production industry, construction industry, and mining operations. It can also be used in domestic sewage treatment and sewage treatment. But it also has its own shortcomings, we will introduce it to you as follows. 

   Stainless steel submersible pumps are mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises (mines, corrosive liquids), seawater, chemical enterprises, fish ponds, water towers, deep well water lifting and high-rise water supply, fountains, medical water supply, domestic water supply .

   The flow rate can reach 650 tons per hour, and the head can reach 1500m.

If the customer needs other parameters of the water pump, it can be reserved.

  1. The stainless steel submersible electric pump is a submersible electric pump for wells in which the motor and pump are directly connected. It can be directly submerged into the water to operate. The structure is slender. Single-stage or multi-stage water-filled wet three-phase asynchronous motor submersible electric pump.

It is specially developed for :

  •  Agricultural drainage 

  •  Irrigation

  •  Sprinkler irrigation

  •  Industrial 

  •  Civil building drainage systems

2. The pump has small outer diameter, large flow rate and high lift. It is suitable for small diameter deep wells and can significantly      reduce drilling costs. It has smooth appearance, beautiful appearance, noble quality, sand resistance and wear resistance, long          service life, high water pumping efficiency, energy saving and easy maintenance.

Advantages of stainless steel submersible pumps:

   It is very convenient to install and maintain. It has a wide range of applications,  There is no need to build a dedicated pump room for it. It is very compact and simple in structure, easy to carry and disassemble. Just put it in when working. It can be put into use quickly after entering the water, It is economical and affordable.

Disadvantages of stainless steel submersible pumps:

   The shortcomings of stainless steel submersible pumps are also easily exposed. The clean water medium is fine. If it is sewage, soft impurities in the water can generally be dealt with. However, once the solid is hard, especially when the sand content is relatively high, or exceeds 30%, the seal is easily damaged, causing water to enter the motor, and once the motor enters water, the submersible pump will collapse at the fastest speed. Stainless steel submersible pumps do have many advantages compared with ordinary submersible pumps, such as corrosion resistance, high hardness, strong acid and alkali resistance, etc.

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