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Advantages of Heating Circulation Pump

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                                                               Advantages of heating circulation pump

  • No water leakage

  • Low noise

  • Long life

  • Low power consumption

  • Small size and light weight

  • Low requirements on water quality

  • It has anti-burning function

1.No water leakage:

The magnetic transmission has no moving seals, which fundamentally eliminates the problem of water leakage;

2. Low noise. 

The accuracy of key parts reaches two thousandths of a millimeter to ensure quiet performance;

3. Long life: 

Mirror ceramics and ceramic nano bearings are used to resist wear and ensure long life;

4. Low power consumption. 

Due to reasonable matching, the motor power is very small, and the electricity cost is about one penny per hour;

5. Small size and light weight, weighing less than one kilogram;

6. Low requirements on water quality. 

If the circulating water contains tiny impurities, it will not affect the operation of the circulating pump;

7. It has anti-burning function. 

If the water pump is entangled with debris, the motor will not be damaged due to overload.

Precautions when using heating circulation pump :

1. Before installation, check whether the inlet and outlet of the circulating pump is blocked by foreign matter.

2. Before installing into the system, the debris in the system pipes should be flushed to prevent debris from wrapping around the impeller and causing stalling when the circulating pump is running.

3. Use gentle force when installing and do not use force to avoid damaging the pump body.

4. The inlet and outlet of the circulating pump must be equipped with free joints to facilitate assembly and disassembly.

5. For safe wiring, use a three-wire plug with a ground wire, and connect the ground wire end to the motor shell to ensure safety.

6. The product has low noise. When checking whether it is rotating, you need to hold a screwdriver against your ear and listen carefully.

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