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5Inch 6Inch Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump Accessories Manufacturer And How to Maintenance

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5Inch 6Inch Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump Accessories Composition 

4sp,5sp, 6sp stainless steel deep well submersible pump accessories Include: inlet section, outlet section, impeller, guide shell, couplings, outlet joint, pump head, pump body, upper bearing seat, upper bearing, lower bearing, mechanical seal, cable, motor cylinder, submersible motor .


Deep Well Pump Faults And Troubleshooting Methods.

No water or water is unstable: 

1.The dynamic water level is lower than  the pump suction port →increase the pump transmission pipe. If the water Is not discharged and the use head range of the pump is exceeded, change the pump

2. The water pipe is seriously leaking, or the water pipe is removed  —— to replace the water pipe or install the water pipe separately. 

3. Rotor and shaft loose —— replace the rotor. 

4. Some impeller is loose—— to reassemble the impeller. 

5. Motor reverse —— and change the power connector. 

6. Pipeline blockage —— to remove the blockage.

Lower flow rate: 

1.The sealing ring is seriously worn. —— replace the sealing ring.

2. The diversion shell leaf of the filter water network is blocked by —— to remove the blockage. 

3. Voltage and frequency are low for —— to start after the voltage value reaches the specified value. 

4. The dynamic water level drops over the rated head —— replace the high lift pump. 

Severe vibration of the unit or excessive current swing of the electricity meter pointer: 

1. The pump shaft or motor shaft bending —— repair or replace the pump shaft or motor shaft. 

2. Pump shaft The wear between the motor shaft and the bearing is excessive —— to replace the bearing. 

3. Push bearing wear or damage —— replace thrust bearing. 

4. The thrust disc fastening cap damages the —— upper cap or repairs the shaft head. 

5. Broken thrust disc —— replaced the good thrust plate.

6. Motor rotor sweep chamber —— to find out the reason for repair. 

7. Impeller rotor imbalance or rotor broken strip —— to do the dynamic balance, replace the rotor. 

8. Control flow of pump low lift large flow motor overload —— brake valve runs at the working point. 

9. The pump water inflow is not enough intermittent water outlet —— brake valve to control the water output.

The motor cannot start and hum:

1.Broken phase (line or starting equipment) —— maintenance line or starting equipment.

2. The voltage is too low and —— to adjust the voltage. 

3. Bearing Hold the —— and correct the bearing. 

4. Rust death between the impeller and the seal. —— moves the pump to rotate or remove the pump and reinstall it once. 

5. The foreign objects in the pump Case impeller can not turn —— to remove the foreign objects. 

Operating  Conditions

▲Power supply is 50hz, 380v three-phase AC or (single-phase 220v).

▲The electric pump shall be completely immersed in water, with a diving depth not less than 0.5m and not more than 5m. 

▲The ambient water temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

▲The water source is non-corrosive clean water, with the sand content not more than 0.1%, 

▲PH value is 6.5~8.5. 

▲Vertical installation.

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