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220V small submersible pump sewage pump cutting model

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                                                                 220V small submersible pump sewage pump cutting model

[220v small submersible pump] 

Product Introduction:

V series submersible sewage pump is a high-efficiency drainage tool. The same model of pump is equipped with two voltages of 220V/380V and can be used for both home and industry. The large-channel impeller designed by this pump ensures that the pump can effectively transport the flowing medium containing large particles of impurities and slender fibers. This series of electric pumps are electric drainage and irrigation equipment composed of a motor and a water pump in the form of a lower pump. They are suitable for drainage and irrigation of sewage at construction sites, coal mines, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, textiles and other places. They can also be used for drainage and irrigation of clean water. The flow channel impeller greatly improves the anti-clogging ability of the water pump; the full-lift theoretical design enables the electric pump to maintain non-overload operation under normal circumstances, effectively extending the service life of the motor. The cutting type electric pump is introduced from our country, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, and using the shearing principle to carry out a novel and unique design. It can cut and tear long fibers, plastic bags, etc., keeping the water pump flow channel unimpeded.

Product Features:

1. The same type of sewage pump is equipped with two or more joints. The flow head can be appropriately adjusted according to actual needs by replacing different water pump outlet diameters.

2. The submersible sewage pump can be equipped with a float switch according to your needs. With the float switch, the pump can be started and stopped automatically without supervision according to changes in liquid level.

3. The biggest feature of this pump is that the motor is equipped with a protector, which will automatically cut off the power supply when it encounters overheating or overcurrent, ensuring the reliability and safety of the pump operating in harsh environments.

Conditions of use:

1. The submersible depth of the pump shall not exceed 5 meters;

2. The temperature of the conveying medium does not exceed 40°C;

3. The PH value of the conveying medium is 4 to 10;

4. The kinematic viscosity of the conveying medium is: 7×10-7~23×10-6m2/s;

5. The maximum density of the conveying medium is 1.2×103kgm3.

The sewage pump is used to drain and irrigate thicker slurry. It must be run in clean water for a few minutes to clean it before storing it.

6. The volume ratio of solid matter in the conveying medium is less than 2%. The lift of the submersible electric pump should not be too low. A lift lower than 80% of the specified limit may easily cause the thermal protector to work, causing the pump to stop running, or even causing damage to the motor.

Product usage:

1. Puddles formed by rain.

2. Urban sewage treatment plant drainage system.

3. Underground reservoirs in residential areas.

4. Water supply devices in drainage stations of civil air defense systems and water plants.

5. Discharge of seriously polluted wastewater from factories and businesses. .

6. Municipal projects and construction sites.

7. Pumping water from rural rivers and ponds and irrigating farmland.


All specifications of 4KW and above and cutting type require users to install external overheating, overcurrent and leakage protection devices.

1. Select a water pump that matches the power according to the usage conditions and environmental requirements:

2. If any damaged parts are found, they should be replaced in time, and the pump must not work with "sickness";

3. If the pump does not discharge water or the water discharge is slow, it should be started without load, and then put into water for work after normal operation:

4. The submersible electric pump is equipped with a built-in overheating and over-current protection device, which has dual protection characteristics of temperature and current. When the electric pump encounters temperature rise, overload, blockage, short circuit, low voltage, phase loss, etc., it can automatically cut off the power supply, thereby playing a role. The function of protecting the motor is that when the electric pump is working normally, the protector will not work, and the electric pump will stop running. At this time, the cause should be checked, and it can be put into use only after the maintenance is normal.

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