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Why is the mechanical seal of the self priming pump leaking liquid

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Why is the mechanical seal of the self priming pump leaking liquid

Mechanical seal is one of the key components of a self priming pump, 

its function is to prevent the liquid inside the pump from leaking into the external environment of the pump, 

and also to prevent external impurities from entering the pump. 

The sealing performance of mechanical seals directly affects the operational efficiency and safety of self priming pumps. 

However, the problem of mechanical seal leakage may be caused by multiple factors:

Uneven sealing surface:

The sealing effect of mechanical seals depends on the flatness of the sealing surface. 

If the sealing surface is uneven, it will cause the sealing to be not tight, leading to liquid leakage.

Seal wear:

Seals in mechanical seals, such as O-rings, fillers, etc., may age, harden, or be damaged over long periods of operation and wear, leading to leakage.

Improper installation of seals:

The installation of seals must strictly follow the prescribed methods and steps. 

If installed improperly, damaged or damaged, it can cause the mechanical seal of the pump to fail.

Vibration and shock:

The vibration and impact generated during the operation of a self priming pump can affect the mechanical seal, 

causing the sealing surface to become loose or damaged, leading to liquid leakage.

Medium corrosion:

The medium transported by a self priming pump may have a certain degree of corrosiveness, and over time, 

it may corrode the sealing surface or components, leading to leakage.

Temperature changes:

Self priming pumps operate at different temperatures, and temperature changes can cause the expansion and contraction of the sealing components, 

thereby affecting the sealing performance of mechanical seals.

In summary, in order to effectively solve the problem of mechanical seal leakage, 

it is necessary to regularly inspect and maintain the mechanical seal to ensure its good working condition, 

thereby ensuring the normal operation and delivery effect of the self priming pump.

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