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Reasons for severe shaking of stainless steel water pumps

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Reasons for severe shaking of stainless steel water pumps

1. Loose flange and bolts

The bolt is subjected to lateral load and torque, which can easily cause the bolt to rotate and loosen. 

When the bolt is loose, failure to tighten it in a timely manner can lead to strong shaking of the water pump.

2. Motor rotor imbalance

Due to misalignment between the pump shaft and the motor shaft, or rotor manufacturing errors, assembly errors, and uneven materials, 

the motor rotor is imbalanced, resulting in shaking of the water pump.

3. Impeller imbalance

Due to the wear and scaling of the impeller, it can cause imbalance during use. 

When the impeller is out of balance while pumping water, it can cause severe shaking of the water pump.

4. Bearing wear

Poor lubrication of the bearings, rusting or corrosion of the rolling elements of the bearings, causing severe wear on the shaft. 

The temperature of the bearings rapidly increases, causing the bearing to run out of the outer ring, resulting in significant shaking of the water pump.

5. Pump shaft bending

Poor machining of the pump shaft, resulting in certain bending stress, or overloading of the water pump, 

can easily lead to bending and deformation of the pump shaft, loss of balance of the pump shaft, and strong shaking of the water pump.

6. There is air in the pump body

The pipeline is designed improperly and operates improperly, and a large amount of air enters the pump body. 

The gas is not discharged in a timely manner, resulting in a two-phase flow of steam and liquid. 

During the two-phase flow, the steam and water impact the pipeline, causing the pipeline to shake.

7. Large clearance between pump covers

Due to the large gap between the pump cover of the stainless steel water pump, the volume loss of the pump increases, 

and the leakage of the pump body also increases, resulting in obvious noise and shaking phenomena in the pump.

8. Shake caused by vaporization

When the inlet pressure is lower than the saturation pressure corresponding to the inlet temperature, 

and the outlet flow rate is less than the minimum flow rate of the water pump, 

the water pump is prone to vaporization, resulting in a decrease in outlet pressure and flow rate, and abnormal shaking of the pump body and pump pipeline.

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