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QD multi-stage submersible pump 220V 380V high lift and large flow household deep well submersible pump Multi-stage sand-resistant agricult

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                             QD multi-stage submersible pump 220V 380V high lift and large flow household deep well submersible pump

                                                            Multi-stage sand-resistant agricultural irrigation water pump

Product Introduction

QD and Q-type high-lift multi-stage submersible pumps are composed of three parts: water pump, seal and motor. The pump head of the multi-stage submersible pump is located at the upper part of the electric pump and is a multi-stage centrifugal impeller with a radial vane structure: the motor is located at the lower part of the electric pump and is a single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor structure; a double-end mechanical seal is used between the water pump and the electric motor, each fixed The stop seal uses an "O"-shaped oil-resistant rubber sealing ring for static sealing.


The high-lift submersible pump adopts a multi-stage impeller structure with high lift and wide application. It is an indispensable water supply and drainage tool for farmland drainage and irrigation, garden sprinkler irrigation, underground water lifting, water tower water delivery, urban construction, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.

Conditions for use of Q(QD) multi-stage submersible electric pump

The electric pump should be able to work continuously and normally under the following conditions of use:

1. The medium temperature does not exceed +40℃;

2. The pH value of the medium is between 6.5-8.5;

3. The volume ratio of solid impurities does not exceed 0.1%, and the particle size does not exceed 0.2mm;

4. The power frequency is 50Hz, the voltage is single-phase AC 220V, three-phase AC 380V, and the voltage fluctuation range is 0.9-1.1 times the rated value;

5. The diving depth does not exceed 5m.


Cast iron or stainless steel 304


1. The motor and water pump body are submerged in water and run safely and reliably.

2. There are no special requirements for well pipes and water pipes (that is, steel tube wells, gray tube wells, earth wells, etc. can be used; if the pressure permits, steel pipes, rubber pipes, plastic pipes, etc. can be used as water pipes).

3. It is convenient and simple to install, use and maintain. It occupies a small area and does not need to build a pump room.

4. Simple structure, saving raw materials.

Conditions of use:

1. Three-phase AC power supply with a rated frequency of 50HZ and a rated voltage of 380+5% volts.

2. The water inlet of the water pump must be 1 meter below the dynamic water level, but the diving depth must not exceed 70 meters below the static water level. The distance between the lower end of the motor and the water depth at the bottom of the well must be at least 1 meter.

3. The water temperature should generally not be higher than 20OC.

Water quality requirements:

  (1) The sand content in the water is not more than 0.01% (weight ratio);

  (2) The pH value is in the range of 6.5~8.5;

  (3) The chloride ion content is not more than 400 mg/L

The well is required to be straight and the entrance wall is smooth, and there must be no staggered pipes.

Structure Description:

1. Multi-stage submersible pump

      The multi-stage submersible pump unit consists of four parts: water pump, submersible motor (including cables), water pipe and control switch.

      The submersible pump is a single-suction multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump: the submersible motor is a sealed water-filled wet type, vertical three-phase cage asynchronous motor. The motor and the water pump are directly connected through a claw or single-cylindrical coupling; equipped with three-phase asynchronous motors of different specifications. core cable; the starting equipment is an air switch of different capacity levels and an auto-coupling decompression starter, the water pipe is made of steel pipes of different diameters and is connected by flange, and the high-lift electric pump is controlled by a gate valve.

    2. Each stage of the submersible pump is equipped with a rubber bearing in the diversion casing; the impeller is fixed on the pump shaft with a tapered sleeve; the diversion casing is integrated with threads or bolts.

    3. The upper part of the high-lift submersible pump is equipped with a check valve to prevent damage to the unit caused by water sag during shutdown.


1. The upper part of the submersible motor shaft is equipped with a labyrinth sand preventer and two reversely assembled skeleton oil seals to prevent quicksand from entering the motor.

2. The submersible motor uses water-lubricated bearings, and the lower part is equipped with a rubber pressure-regulating film and a pressure-regulating spring to form a pressure-regulating chamber to regulate pressure changes caused by temperature; the motor windings are insulated with polyethylene and nylon sheathed with durable consumer product water electromagnetic wires. , the cable connection method is based on the QJ type cable joint process, take off the joint insulation and scrape off the paint layer, connect them separately, weld firmly, and wrap a layer of raw rubber around them. Then wrap 2 to 3 layers of waterproof adhesive tape, and wrap 2 to 3 layers of waterproof tape on the outside or glue it with water glue and wrap it with a layer of rubber tape (the inner belt of the bicycle) to prevent water seepage.

3. The motor is closed, using precision stop bolts, and the cable outlet is sealed with a rubber gasket.

4. There is a water injection hole on the upper end of the motor, a vent hole, and a water drain hole on the lower part.

5. The lower part of the motor is equipped with upper and lower thrust bearings. There are grooves on the thrust bearing for cooling. The stainless steel thrust plate grinds against it, which follows the up and down axial force of the water pump.

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